Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bye Bye Contract

I know,
I should be studying!
Shut up.

Nak update sikit je.

Contract was a REAL CHALLENGE!
Otak kene perah mcm mop
B*** dowh

I studied 1/4 of my CTU already.
I'll be reading my
precious Tort
after this.

Apasal la internet lembap!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pause and No Rewind Please :P

I lost a friend
for the sake of a best friend
unsung hero la plak
it is not a full stop,
just a pause.

tomorrow is
Wish me best of luck!

I'm so nervous,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

When final is over

  1. pavilion!
I'm actually bored with One Utama. :/
Do they have Converse?
I received this text from Ibah at 3.32 am:
Weyh, nanti aku blk kte go hunting
make up ok?
Buang tebiat ke Ibah? Hehe
Kau tahu tak, ak dh pecahkan compact powder yg mama bg kat ak :((
So sadddddddddddd....
Ak dah x ada duit nak beli compact powder cmtu dh,
since I was the one yang broke makhluk tu,
I won't complain to my mom.
I guess I'll hunt something yg fits the budget
Compact powder and blusher.
Ok tak?

2. Sunway Lagoon
My bestie wants to go to a theme park after final.
We'll just wait and see.

3. A converse!
It's either red or pink!
Love love love :)

Nak join sekaki?
Dua kaki pown tak pe

Masalah Masalah

Good Morning fellow peeps!
I am updating my blog for the sake of Ibah.
She complained I don't update as much as I used to :O
I think my english has gone soooo wrong that I'll be using basic english only.
Need to read more and more

My final starts this thursday.
I haven't print my exam slip, I didn't realized my dad's printer was brought to the office.
I've asked Dayah to print it for me, thanks!
My xerox is with Ibah :(
Jaga my baby elok-elok eh Ibah.

I studied CTU till 4.30 am.
I should not sleep at all,
I had my fuel of nescaffe mocha :))
But at 1.30 am,
Aiman came into my room,
"Ada ular kat dapur,"
Muka selamba gile :/
Cuak giler!
Geli Geli!
I wanted to call my mom,
but I don't have a single sen of credit,
and I already used up my credit advance.
:/ *apalah nasib ku*
I opened my facebook,
and asked Tiera to airtime share with me.
Thank you! :)

I'm off to study Contract,

thanks for reading!