Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dinner wear is the new Tupperware? Who knew?

This incident happened today. On a day when I'm actually supposed to watch Transformers but didn't managed to get a day off. On friday maybe. Ok, here it goes.

Customer: Excuse me, where I can find dinner wear
Iszati: *dinnerware? Owh, kitchenware, miss?
Customer: *buat expression ~oh my gosh, she doesn't know what is dinner wear~
dress for parties...
Iszati: Owh.. Gown is it.. (apehal la susah nk ckp benda lain)

Well, what u say and think might be different from others.

Me as Mak Cik Goreng Pisang

On a fine day, when I was craving for cendawan goreng and actually took the effort taking out tempura flour, my mom gave order for me to goreng pisang. I had no choice but to meng-iyakan sahaja.

So, I was busy menggoreng pisang after the cendawan goreng. Of course, everybody else was happily mencuri the pisang goreng I had just cook and my littlest brother came (Idris).

Idris: Kak isz, lepas nie kak isz tak payahlah beli goreng pisang
(sambil mencuri goreng pisang)
Kak Isz: Huhhh? Kenapa plak?
Idris: sebab kak isz dah reti goreng pisang sendiri
Kak isz: *speechless...
(berfikir whether she should be annoyed or laugh)

In the end, I had to goreng the pisang yang digoreng sebab tak masak. Oh well.

I can't see red carpet though for coming home to blogging

Oh My Gosh! Lame gilaaa tak update! hehe I don't think anyone reads my blog anymore since it has not been updated for the past few months. Errr, for the first month I've been busy with my DVDs and korean hotties. The second month I'm busy with machine hotties! :D Of course it's Transformers! I am currently working as a temporary promoter for Transformer in Parkson One Utama. ~psst.. Don't tell anyone, I'm a shy person as you can see *coughs*