Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Style isn't about the trends

Drew Barrymore,
Ain't she cool.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello people!
Miss me? hehe

I bought myself a purple converse.
Okay, I only clicked 'buy it now' and my aunt paid for it through paypal with her credit card but it is still yet to come, but it's mine babeyh!

Okay okay, I know I said for god knows how many time I wanted red or pink converse, but purple converse is rarer than pink or red! teehee

And the price is more or less the same here.
Can't wait to even touch it!

It wont arrive soon though due to christmas and new year. Dang!
Arrive safely okay!

Tomorrow is Christmas and the last day for wrapping service counter. Yes! And of course Marks & Spencer SALE!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Iszati the gift-wrapper

Hello peeps!
15 days of not updating.
Sorry Sorry (
Super Junior)

I did mention in my post about gift-wrapping. Due to a staff who self-terminate her service, I had to wrap when Kak Ida went for a break or on her off-day :/

I totally suck!

  1. I'm so slow at wrapping that even the security guy and the cleaner had to helped me :P Thanks! :)
  2. I cut my finger twice. One with a scissors and with a blade :/
  3. I wrap strawberry jam macam orang kat pasar malam wrap belacan. Sumpah buruk! Nasib baik the customer was patient and cool but I gave her extra wrapping paper (I felt guilty)
Practice makes perfect right

In additon, gula-gula 4 ringgit pown nk wrap ke? Urghhh

I Know this is random,


Cotton On

See you soon.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Perempuan ada 9 nafsu nafsu! fuyooo!

Hello again readers!
1. Marks & Spencer white long sleeve

(I'll ask for my colleague 35% discount! hehe :D)

2. Converse in Pink

I've been wanting this like forever (tapi x beli-beli pown :P)
Saw in One Utama but I think it was meant for children but I'm size 4,
so what the heck!

3.Paul Frank tee or whatsoever

Planning to buy it as a birthday present
(yg dh lambat hampir 6 bulan :P)

I was browsing Forever 21 website just now and I saw this,

This is so cute!

and I watched New Moon last friday
I'm in team Jacob!

I like his short hair when its wet,
makes me wanna touch it
and his smile
more contagious than AHIN1.

Are you in team Edward or Jacob?

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye.

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