Friday, October 31, 2008

Of being approximately 50 kg

do u think ur fat or people kept telling at your face "wey, ko dh gemuk la wei", n dalam hati ur "suka ati aku la wey, apa yg ko susah???".. jezzz.. chebok je.. but when u look at your current picture, u somehow notice how much u have gain weight n how ugly u look with all those double chin n buncitness which seems to appear more obviously.. shit la weyh!! =.=" I AM FAT. damn. then, u'll stop eatin nasi like for a few days, then u'll realized 'no nasi no life' n u'll eat double the intake of nasi. n u'll get stress all over again. SHIT. hilang 0.5 kg, naik 2 kg. siot betol.

i freakin realized i was FAT because a picture of me was taken during the semester break. i FREAKED out. *gasppp* i didn't know the exact weight at that time since i do not have a weight scale in my house; but the picture was like a slap to my face. *slap* "wake up! ur a fatso! look at dat (referring to the picture)! So UGLY la weyh!" i dont think any guys will look at me again, since even me myself cant stand looking at it.

i decided i shall take control of this issue, not them taking over me. no freaking way. *ambik bantal, n belasah it cukup-cukup* this is for stress relieving purposes. firstly, org cakap nasi punca utama kita, i decided i was going to see how long i was going to survive without nasi. less than 24 hour. srsly. pagi x makan nasi, ptg terus mengidam. damn. secondly, org cakap kenelah exercise at least 3 kali seminggu. ptg tu exercise, lepas tu sindrom malas menguasai diri. pemalas nk exercise. i hate jogging! its too tiring, tido n on9ing lg best. i rasa 3 bulan di merbok i jogging 2 kali je. thirdly, org cakap x bleh makan lepas maghrib, around eight. yeah rite. im used to makan malam n makan tgh malam. pkl 10 nk mkn, pkl 12 pown nk mkn. damn.

so, it was a bit hopeless. i cant live without nasi n i dont exercise. how la wey? how to lose that extra kgsss.. i never believed in pil2 kurus nie.. kenapa ada susu appeton weight gain but no susu appeton lose weight?? (used to drink that in primary school, which i throw in the sink when my dad's not lookin, naughty2) i dont want to be aneroxic, neither do i want to be bullimic. @____@

i am soo going to die. as a fat ugly person.

but there is always a 'light at the end of the tunnel'

i am not going to give up. no way. die excess fat. DIE!! so, i decided to change apa 'org cakap' to apa 'iszati cakap'. my own resolution to my own problem. org cakap hindarkan nasi, iszati ckp kurangkan nasi. ok. it's like this. nasi is karbohidrat n when it is not used it'll turn to fat. its purpose is to provide us with energy. since im a lazybone at exercising, the karbo will turn to fat. so, i started to eat only 1/3 of my usual consumption of nasi. its not that hard actually. ambik nasi spt biasa, divide it into 3, buang 2 bhgn n eat only 1 bhgn. oh, i took 2 lauk to make an illusion that my plate is full, chewah, im tipuing my brain. hohoho. org cakap kene exercise 3 kali seminggu, iszati ckp x yah exercise pown x pe. hahaha. iszati exercise?? me?? mua?? i hate joggin, i hate netball, i hate basketball and the list goes on.. except for taekwondo (the reason bdn x naik time secondary school). cume iszati elakkan jogging di atas 'katil' lepas makan. stop! org cakap x leh mkn after 8pm, iszati cakap 'boleh!! head on!!' but not makanan berat.. being used to mkn nasi lemak masria tiap mlm2, this was a challenge to me. shit la wei!! find benda yg lbh ringan ie roti or biskut. kalo u cnt stop the urge to eat nasi lemak, eat 1/3 of it only.

as a result, i lost approximately 3 kg selama approximately 1 month.. ~wheeeeee.. a reason to celebrate kn?? ;) bkn la i tukar jd selawa aishrawai rai but still.. i feel good at myslef n dat is important to me. not what other ppl think.

this issue is subjective. n i feel that i need to take control of my life. n i did. hooray for me!!


naik 0.5 kg but what the heck la..
wish could do the same about my study. gtg study global. wish me luck. adios.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's a Raya post :D

Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir Batin
all umat islam

Berlalu ramadhan, dtglah hari raya aidilfitri :) the 1st day of raya is the best n most anticipated day of the year, even your birthday. everybody goes balik kampung, away from work n study to celebrate the day of celebration for all muslim. this is the day when family gathers together, gotong royong to make the house ready for the mood; masak ketupat, rendang, lemang, dodol, wajik etc.
i'm sure everyone has interesting stories to tell bout their hari raya. i have too! ;0 r u all geared up to read? to see the pic? if you are, let's go! :D

situation: before raya
activity: kemas rumah

do you think santa sorang je during christmas ada helper? i ada gak ;) little helper to be correct. nama die hakim. he's 4. n he's cute. n he follows me around. his fav word is *kak is kak is* i was given the task to sweep n mop the house, n just to get him out of the way,
i gave him to dust the carpet n stuff

he was happy he had some work to do
happily dusting those pesky dust bunnies away

oh, and these are the budak-budak yang bertuah whom helped me to rearrange the chairs. yeah rite. they were playing kereta api khayalan n i have to sweep n mop =.="

situation: malam raya
activity: my younger siblings n cousins went beraya rumah ke rumah orang

this is ariff. he's drinkin his version of red bull before he went to the surau, to join his brother n cousin.

then, it was our turn to be host.
so we went inside my auntie's room.
n we were camwhorin laa..
what else?? :D

aiman(my lil bro) n wafi ;)

well, lebih kpd wafi dicamwhored by me.. ahaha.. he smiles everytime he sees the flash.. oh, this is wafi. he's around 2 i guess.

situation: pagi raya
activity: duhh.. go figure

1) mandi sunat raya
2) sembahyang raya
we went to the brand new masjid in sungai penchala. ashraf sinclair was there too. n numerous
hot guys, i think they're from Taman Tun, nk rasa suasana di kampung agaknye. lucky me. i
tgk diorg dr atas. hehe. sumpah I was concentrating on sembahyang raya n the khutbah
3) bermaaf-maafan
4) duit raya!! the most fun part of all. ahaha
5) beraya

doa dulu. wafi was leading the doa :P

this is my uncle, pak long. he's the eldest, so he starts first. we ikut urutan from the eldest to the youngest.

my youngest auntie, zety or better known as ucu. next was my turn :) u noe what i said to everyone was : " maafkan kak isz, selamat hari raya." dats all, nothin emo :P

atuk n nenek
posin for da camera

atuk n nenek
plus 2 cucu yg mencapap :P: ariff n hakim (my favv cousin)

ariff mencapap lg!!

me mom, tok hussin, nenek zarah


2 jejaka. still single but of course not available!
sape nk jd gf aiman, kene diinterviewed dulu,
jgn ingat nk senang je eh.. heh heh >.< my uncle, cik idin with his attempt to sorok the duit raya

but he failed.. duhhh... its money after all..
ahaha.. yg dh x kecik pown claim duit raya.. :D

wafi pown nk duit raya!

the young heroes :D
i ♥ them

wafi the superstar :D

awww.. chumelnye.. :)
arif n hakim
they are actually sebaya

Ariff posin for the camera

me n hakim :)

dah.. i x larat dh nk type lg..
in a nutshell, 4 days of raya is not enuff!! im lookin forward for next year raya :)