Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Diana's 22nd Birthday Party

Assalamualaikum and Hello! :)
I guess this is my 1st post since I finished my 5th semester. It sure took a lot of days to satisfy my korean obsession ;) hehe
I now have a new Kpop boy band that I'm sooooooo crazy about! >.< hehe
I'll dedicate a whole post on them soon! :

Happy 22nd Birthday! :)

My Bestie

Diana Ramlan :)

Top from left to right: Aainaa, Ain, and Siera
Bottom from left to right: Faiznur, Diana, Fatin and Illi
These are people who arrived early
Me and Mar was 2 hour late -_____-"
It was at cafe Barbera Bangsar

Ain and Sara so cute! :) hehe

D, me and Mar

Me and my steak :)
I'm a meat lover! ;)

Everyone is wearing cute expression here except me :)

Birthday girl and Blogger girl! hehe ;)

All of us! :)

My present to D :)
A last minute though and I couldn't think of anything else to buy
so I opted to what I like :p hehe

Dear Diana,
Happy 22nd birthday! :)
I wish u the best in your life :)

Just in case u didn't know,

Thanks   for reading! 
I stole    the pictures  from  Illi and D