Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sakinah Form 5 Graduation Day

Assalamualaikum & Hello! :)
Checkitout! My lil sis, Sakinah's graduation day :)
Congratulation Kinah on your excellent result! :) Good luck & wish you the best for SPM :)

Sorry for the short update ;p 
but I just need more time to study for the upcoming 2 test!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Marché The Curve :)

Assalamualaikum & Hello! :)
This post is dedicated to people who have a big tummy and much much bigger appetite! hehe like me ;)
This is my first time dining at Marché The Curve :)
They have a cool concept where ur given a card and u urself go pick the food that u want from the stalls provided by them :)

Cik Endek with her card :)

Fresh Fruit Juice
Got orange, dragonfruit, starfruit etc

Meat Meat Meat!
Lamb Cow Sausages :)

Dessert! :)
Blueberry n Strawberry :)

Let's see what did we order, shall we? ;)

Dragonfruit + Starfruit
Loya tekak den!
there's no ice in there
All natural, double bluerrgggghhh >.<
Rupanya ada stall jual air minuman biasa dkt hujunggggggg sekali 
:/ Dengki betul!

Cik Endek's Lamb Chop with corn! :)

Steak with mash potatoes! :)
yum yum yum 
hehe :)

Sayur Goreng??
Tak ingat nama glamour die hehe :)
menyesal x ambik segunung, sbb nanti die kecut,
jadi sikit mcm gmbr diatas :(
tapi harga tetap sama huhu
Nasib baik sedap...

Fruit cake n blueberry tart
yg fruit cake bese je, blueberry tart ok je
tak best sgt :/

Pepperoni Pizza! :)
It's so yummmmmmmmmmyyyyy, to die for!! :)
But I actually took out the tomatoes sbb lembik sgt
x1000 kali ganda sedap dr pizza hut! yum yum yum :)

Yang paling sedap antara semua is the pepperoni pizza! :) hehe
Sebenarnye ada byk lagi menu tak try tapi dh kenyang gila! hehe kalau x sume nak try hehe :)

K, gudnyte! :)
Tomorrow nyte I have a test :)
Wish me luck! :) ehehe

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shopping Therapy! :)

Assalamualaikum & Hello!! :)
It's been awhile, I'm sure you guys and girls miss me hehe ;p  When I'm getting my prepaid internet plan I'm gonna update a loooot sampai korang muntah haha :D

A long time ago, I was so sad when I found that somehow one of my subject, my group had changed :( I was supposed to be in group A which I had for the last month but when it comes to this month I was in group D. I find it quite weird when my name wasn't in the name list and immediately blame it on the system. Later I checked my group and for law of association II I was in group D :( Since it was already time for validation I had to go to the office to settle it. 

For asso, group a, b and c was full and I had to go into other groups. The only problem was for the other group, the lecture clash with my international law lecture -________-"

Pusing main pusing pening memang pening, all my group for the subjects were campuq macam rojak pasemboqqqq!! :( huhu 

It's sad, so sad 
It's a sad sad situation 
And it's getting more and more absurd

Pinjam lyric dari lagu Blue, Sorry seems to be the hardest word :D 
Bukannya apa, I swear that I changed all my group to group A. Mata I tak rabun lagi okayyyyy! 
And suddenly I've changed to group without my consent!

Because I was a bit turned down and I wanted to push myself up again, I had my shopping therapy! ;p hehe walaupun area seksyen 2 Shah Alam pun jadi hehe :D I bought myself a spectacle necklace, inner pink tudung yuna, selendang polka-dot and Tutti Frutti! :) hehe

Dayah, Nanie & Iszati Tutti Frutti :)
Nampak sangat I didn't put the strawberries :p
Mine was the marshmallow and the chocolate chip :)
yang mcm m&m tu sedap n crunchy! Recommendable! ;)

My spectacle necklace 
This is called impulsive buying sbb 
kat Seksyen 2 Shah Alam pun boleh hehe :p

Later that night went to Islamic Festival near the Uitm Convo building,
and was attracted to this unique booth :)
Machine aiskrim air bergas! :) 
Ada coke, mirinda strawberry, mirinda anggur and many more.
RM 1 je

I was never fan of fizzy drinks tapi sebab jakun tak pernah nampak
Maka belilah flavor 7UP hehe :)
Saya makan sikit je yg lain Dayah habiskan haha
padahal dia batuk & selsema :p ish ish ish


Dipercepatkan cerita, I managed to change all my group back to A hehe :) I made a letter to my lecture to accept me in the group as it was full, gave it to Madam Mazlina, Ketua Program BLS and to Puan Zaiton who registered me in group A hehe :)

Everything have a happy ending don't they? :)

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Work is Finally Over :)

Imagine 4 months of not working, with the cost of shopping living has risen up and what's more dangerous was my weight! -__________-"

I went to work after 3 weeks at home, at my old place of work. 

After working, I couldn't help but count my days till my contact ends. Days by days went by. Only 3 to 4 days left, I was quite sad to be leaving my friends that I bonded for the past 3 month :'( 

So here is the pictures I took when I came to return my uniform :)

Iszati & Mai

Peace! :)

Kak Azah, Una & Kak Ika

Sasuke & Iszati

Sugar? Spice?
Ikut keadaan bah! :p

Una jeles tgk Iszati & Mai yg comel sgt! hehe

Alif, Iszati, Abg Zaki & Along

Kak Fiza & Iszati
Ala-ala James Bond B)

Izz & Izz :)

Iszati & Bf :)
hehe bf saya mat salleh :p tinggi plak tu :p
berangan betul!

Iszati dgn carrot-carrot! :)

Sorry tak banyak gambar sebab Mai akan upload sume di fb :) hehe bersabar eh rakan m&s sekalian :p
Tak sabar nak tgk Jonny English esok! :)

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Penyakit gila nak kurus :/

Assalamualaikum & Hello! :)

During my 1 month of attachment at Balai Polis Petaling Jaya, I've gained so much weight until I was 50kg. Pagi makan nasi lemak, tengah hari makan nasi lauk, petang makan mee goreng and teh tarik! Yang lagi best/teruk sume dibiayai oleh abang/kakak polis -______-" This is after part 4 and then part 5.

So part 5 was when I had to struggle with my weight issue again :( This is my 3rd time for me. First is when I was in my secondary school years, form 3 or 4; second in my Asasi years (gosh how ugly was I back then) and now again in part 5 -__________-" Every week I would do kickboxing and swimming and I got my weight under control, I think it was 47 kg. Not 45 kg but still acceptable since I just eat what I wanted.

Then came the nightmare of 4 month holiday! -_____-" I think it started way back when I was having final wand I didn't had my kickboxing and swimming! I zoom broom voom va voom myself  back to 50kg again. After finals I went to Melaka with my family and the picture of myself just zappppp myself to reality. I needed to lose weight!!! Pronto!

Nilah gambar yg paling okay,
kalau yg lg teruk nanti potential bf lari hehe ;p

I went to work again at Marks & Spencer One Utama. I knew this was my opportunity to lose my weight. So I started my diet again, I cut my usual lunch that consisted of nasi berlauk and changed it to a Vico and usually a bread of gardenia. After a while, I lost a considerable amount of weight.

After a month or so, I started taking medication for my jerawatness -_______-" I had to take antibiotic every morning and night. The doctor warned me beforehand to eat on full stomach. Can you guess what I did? I ate my antibiotics on empty stomach :/ It actually started during ramadhan month, after buka puasa I didn't straight away eat my medicine but only after work around 11.30pm.

Tak payah tunggu sebulan, seminggu dh dpt effect :/ Demam, sakit kepala, and most importantly sakit dada. I was sick for a week, I had gastric. Starting from 2nd day onwards I had problem swallowing my food, gosh how painful it was for me that I'd rather not eat. Tapi nanti bertambah sakit la kan -_______-"
1 week of only eating approximately 3 keping roti and 3 mugs of milo dan yang sewaktu dgnya just so that I can eat my medicine.

I guess I get what I wish for -____________-" 'Be careful of what you wish for' is what they always say :/ I lost my weight till I was 45kg in a week. But for the price of being sick with such excruciating chest pain and burning sensation around my esophagus when I'm swallowing food. Not to mention throwing up after hard work of swallowing. I had 5 days of mc, sorry rakan-rakanku di M&S :(

My dilemma:
Makan malam boleh makan ubat
Makan = Gemuk

Tak makan malam tak boleh makan ubat
Tak makan = Skinny

At one time I hated eating, I ask myself why do I even bother to eat. Blame my obsession to be skinny. Dalam kepala otak tak habis2:

I want to be skinny I have to be skinny I want to be skinny I have to be skinny I want to be skinny I have to be skinny I want to be skinny I have to be skinny I want to be skinny I have to be skinny I want to be skinny I have to be skinny I want to be skinny I have to be skinny I want to be skinny I have to be skinny I want to be skinny I have to be skinny I want to be skinny I have to be skinny 

Bila otak dah sakit mcm nie mcm mana badan tak sakit -___________-"

psssstttt! Now I'm 46.7 kg and I  want it to be 45kg 
tapi saya takkan tak makan lagi tapi saya akan exercise ;)
I've learnt my lesson the hard way!

Janganlah obsess sgt dgn nk jadi kurus 
Thanks for reading!   :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cinta Muka Buku

Assalamualaikum & Hello! :)

Come and watch Najwa Latif Cinta Mukabuku official mv

Mesti korg pernah dgr lagu nie kat radio. Tajuk lagu ini ialah Cinta mukabuku :) hehe
omg! kalau ada laki cute macam nie gerenti i dh kurus! sanggup jogging hari2! hehe ;) najwa laif nie bila senyum cute sgt hehe

Topik hari ini yang ingin dibincangkan ialah cinta mukabuka or FB love :)
1) Wujud ke cinta muka buku nie?
    Jawapannya YES! hehe based on personal exprience keee??? hehe rahsiaaaa ;p I rasa byk couple yg wujud pun sbb fb, yela ramai org yg kita boleh jumpa kat fb nie kan :) hehe
2) Selamat ke cinta mukabuku nie?
    If it's a friend of a friend it's safe but if you have no mutual friends and suddenly he ask you out, it's a NO NO! Entah-entah gmbr profile pic die yg handsome gilaaa tu bknnya gmbr die pun! so, wanita-wanita sekalian, please jgn terpedaya! :O

Hehe best ko kat kalau jumpa mamat hot kat fb nie ;)

Ok bye! :)
Thanks for reading

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's Visit Adibah! :)

Iszati and Adibah Selca! :D

Assalamualaikum & Hello! :)
Today is my day off (every wednesday) :) 
I'm gonna share with you what I did last week on my off day :)
I made lunchbox and visited my sis at work and went to the bank to change my old atm card to the new debit card :) Now it's easier for me to shop shop shop! :) hehe Bila duit ciput diri merana huhuhu :/

I'll give you clues where my sis work at:

1st clue
Banyak leaflet
di mana ye aku pernah nampak??

2nd clue
banyak mahluk kad-kad di rak
aku ada tak kad macam gitu??

Ada orang ketagih ubat batuk!!! :p

You guessed it right! My sis works at a clinic :)
Let's see what I did there shall we :) hehe

I brought Adibah's lunchbox :)
Japenese croquette, daging masak black pepper and nasi
:) does it look good? hehe

Welcome to my workplace!!! :)

I'm allergic to milk? hehe :p

Thumbs up! :) hehe
lama gila kot masak! 2-3 jam 
nampak sgt jarang masak haha 
kantooooi! at least I'm eager to learn aite??? ;)

Ibah asked me again just now whether I will make her lunchbox again today. Oh but I can't since I'll be off to my grandmother's house to see and learn a few recipes :) I'm eager to learn tempe masak suun! :) Yum yum yum :9 Kak Ika (m&s friend) actually asked my japenese croquette recipe! hehe I brought them the other day at work :) She said it was sedap :) hehe bestnya ada orang puji kita masak! ;)

Hope I will learn a lot of recipe :)

Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marks & Spencer One Utama Family :)

Assalamualaikum & Hello People! :)

        My awaited off day when I don't have to wear all black is on Wednesday. Since most of my family and friends weren't available except my aunt after 3pm, I went to lepak at Marks & Spencer and took several pics. My main plan that day was to watch the latest and hottest Transformers and trying out Seoul Garden :) I promised my friends there that I would not upload the pics at my facebook but rather at my blog. Another tactic to get people to read and insyallah to follow me blog tehehe :)

       So, here there are :) according to time sequence.

Iszati & Una

Kak Fiza & Farah

Kak Azah & Una

Kak Ika & Una

Una, Farah & Wani

(bajet gmbr passport tp more to gambar banduan ;p haha)

Farah mempromosikan dress :)

Kak Azah & Ruds

Stamina Roll :)
It's actually roasted eel on top, cucumber and egg 
in the middle and mayo at the bottom.
You just can't sleep at night without dreaming this!
From someone who gets "ewwwwwww, gelinye belut! macam ular! "
termimpi-mimpi rasa kenenakannya di dalam mulut! yum yum yum! :9

yum yum yum

Keriangan di wajah ketika bersama Stamina Roll

Abg Emran, Kak Mas & Abg Zaman


Me & Ajim

Abg Hisham, Kak Fiza & Farah.

On the other note,
Cik Endek with plentiful of Korean food :)

Mostly were lamb, onions and peppers :) hehe

My plate with lamb, onions and salad :)

I  think I prefer Japenese food better.
Oh well,
see you soon!

Thanks for reading!