Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sew Sewed Sewer Sewel


Happy new year 2014 people! :)

It seems people don't update their blog anymore.
I guess it's not the trend anymore, unlike half a decade ago. Even, I am super duper lazy to update. But I guess I don't have to think too much of what to write anymore since no one is reading my blog anymore.

What have I been doing lately? I am trying my hands on sewing. haha. I think I am better in cooking than in sewing. With cooking you just follow the recipe and go with the feels, and if something goes wrong you can always repair it. 

That's not the case with sewing. My first skirt was a horror because I measured cukup-cukup muat so tak lepas my hip -_____-"

I've been trying my hand to make maxi skirt :) I've already worked hard on it for 2 days. It's either I continue tonight or this friday which is public holiday (Thaipusam).

Berangan list nak jahit

  1. Skirt, skirt, skirt
  2. Kimono cardigan
  3. Long sleeve tee, specifically want an exo symbol in the front middle hehe ^-^V
  4. Maxi dress
okay, dah kekeringan idea nie. So better stop sebelum malas and sampai bila post nie dalam draft.

k, bye!

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