Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's Visit Adibah! :)

Iszati and Adibah Selca! :D

Assalamualaikum & Hello! :)
Today is my day off (every wednesday) :) 
I'm gonna share with you what I did last week on my off day :)
I made lunchbox and visited my sis at work and went to the bank to change my old atm card to the new debit card :) Now it's easier for me to shop shop shop! :) hehe Bila duit ciput diri merana huhuhu :/

I'll give you clues where my sis work at:

1st clue
Banyak leaflet
di mana ye aku pernah nampak??

2nd clue
banyak mahluk kad-kad di rak
aku ada tak kad macam gitu??

Ada orang ketagih ubat batuk!!! :p

You guessed it right! My sis works at a clinic :)
Let's see what I did there shall we :) hehe

I brought Adibah's lunchbox :)
Japenese croquette, daging masak black pepper and nasi
:) does it look good? hehe

Welcome to my workplace!!! :)

I'm allergic to milk? hehe :p

Thumbs up! :) hehe
lama gila kot masak! 2-3 jam 
nampak sgt jarang masak haha 
kantooooi! at least I'm eager to learn aite??? ;)

Ibah asked me again just now whether I will make her lunchbox again today. Oh but I can't since I'll be off to my grandmother's house to see and learn a few recipes :) I'm eager to learn tempe masak suun! :) Yum yum yum :9 Kak Ika (m&s friend) actually asked my japenese croquette recipe! hehe I brought them the other day at work :) She said it was sedap :) hehe bestnya ada orang puji kita masak! ;)

Hope I will learn a lot of recipe :)

Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marks & Spencer One Utama Family :)

Assalamualaikum & Hello People! :)

        My awaited off day when I don't have to wear all black is on Wednesday. Since most of my family and friends weren't available except my aunt after 3pm, I went to lepak at Marks & Spencer and took several pics. My main plan that day was to watch the latest and hottest Transformers and trying out Seoul Garden :) I promised my friends there that I would not upload the pics at my facebook but rather at my blog. Another tactic to get people to read and insyallah to follow me blog tehehe :)

       So, here there are :) according to time sequence.

Iszati & Una

Kak Fiza & Farah

Kak Azah & Una

Kak Ika & Una

Una, Farah & Wani

(bajet gmbr passport tp more to gambar banduan ;p haha)

Farah mempromosikan dress :)

Kak Azah & Ruds

Stamina Roll :)
It's actually roasted eel on top, cucumber and egg 
in the middle and mayo at the bottom.
You just can't sleep at night without dreaming this!
From someone who gets "ewwwwwww, gelinye belut! macam ular! "
termimpi-mimpi rasa kenenakannya di dalam mulut! yum yum yum! :9

yum yum yum

Keriangan di wajah ketika bersama Stamina Roll

Abg Emran, Kak Mas & Abg Zaman


Me & Ajim

Abg Hisham, Kak Fiza & Farah.

On the other note,
Cik Endek with plentiful of Korean food :)

Mostly were lamb, onions and peppers :) hehe

My plate with lamb, onions and salad :)

I  think I prefer Japenese food better.
Oh well,
see you soon!

Thanks for reading!