Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Subjects, credit hour and classes for this semester









4 law subjects, sure die! (-_-!!)
kesatria??, sure hitam nanti >:'(

Oh well,

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Kolej Mawar 1A-00-05 resident says

Hello ! ^^
I registered to kolej mawar on the 26th.
I registered myself as an UiTM student this morning.

On my first day,
We went in from the stadium to my kolej by bus.
Me and my whole family.
A bit jakun coz it was the first time we rode a bus together.
My roomates are: Husna, Nadia and Fiza.
Husna is a fellow pre-lawrian from UiTM Kedah,
I actually told someone one of my roomie's name is Huda.
:P (Sorry, I'm not good at remebering names. Nak dekat pown kann.. hehe)
and Nadia and Fiza are STPM leavers(I should call them kakak kan).
I'm back in PJ,
a whole lots of law people ponteng their mms (minggu mesra siswa),
but we weren't suppose to have them in the first place.
I don't bloody care,
I want to go home.
The bad news is
My parents and mardiah's,
Were suppose to return home by today,
From my cousin kenduri potong jambul in our hometown,
But they're not,
Because my Wan somehow wants them to stay untill tomorrow.
So yeah,
Mardiah and I,
are at Mardiah's place,
me having not a single attire to wear except for dirty clothes which I brought back to have them wash at home.
However, it's a wholeeee lot better than staying at kolej Mawar at this time.

I am happy I'm a Law student,
and I'll do my best

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A lovely song :)

Ku Mohon

Setiap hari kumohon
Agar Kau sentiasa
Memberiku ketenangan dalam hati... kekuatan
Menempuh segala dugaan yang mencabar ini
Pasti punya ertinya
Engkau beriku harapan
Menjawab segala persoalan
Hadapi semua dengan tenang

Dengan merasa kesyukuran
Ku doa Kau selalu
Mengawasai gerak-geriku
Berkatilah ku penuh rahmat dari Mu

Oh Tuhan terangkan hati dalam sanubariku
Oh Tuhan ku berserah segalanya kepadamu
Agar jiwaku tenang dengan bimbingan Mu selalu

Ada kalanya ku merasa hidup ini seperti kaca
Jikalau tidak bersabar
Hancur berderailah akhirnya
Tabahkanlah hatiku
Melalui semua itu... Ooh...
Cekalkanlah diriku

Curahkanlah nikmat Mu pada hidupku

Time and tide await none

It is true that time does not wait anyone. Some may feel that time flies when they suddenly realized their face yang sebelum ini tegang ada wrinkle; getting married; expecting a baby; etc. My reasons are:

8. Only my 7-year-old brother is not taller than me

7. Aiman plays football

The one wearing number 2 jersey is my little bro(not really little)

iszati: wey budak tu cute dowh *shows to the boy in jersey number 9
adibah: budak darjah enam pown ko nak :D
iszati: aku cakap je dowh :D cute pe plak

6. I'll be studying for my degree

5. Adibah is going to take her driving lesson soon
And I'm still haven't mastered the art of driving. How ironic =.="

4. Aiman is attending high school

No more dark blue pants, say hello the dark green pants ;P He is currently a SMK Abdul Samad student, but my parents already applied him for MRSM.

3. My butt hurts after playing see-saw

Is it me or the see-saw seat is getting smaller or my butt is getting bigger or see-saw is not meant for a 19-year-old. I have to say that it was a hot day and the see-saw went menegang since it's made from besi :D

2. Sakinah starts to read my teenager books
First, it was twilight. Then, another book from my bookshelf, teenagers flick. The hormones I guess. Hehe.

1. I'll be freaking 20!

I'm always young at heart,

A new student

I made it!

You know what I'm talking about

or not :D

I'm officially a Bachelor in Legal Study of UiTM Shah Alam student.


I'm happy,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I *heart* Budak Kecik

I have this weird theory.
If you want to know if a 4 year old likes you or not;
You should ask this particular question.
You ask them whether are you cute or not.
Like seriously betul
You should try it.
If they say no,
then you should buckle up and start being nice to the little kiddo.

As for me,
I miss playing with my little cousin,
I used to play tricycle with them,
Four of them,
Ariff, Hakim, Aisyah and Fakihah,
I pown naik tricycle
and bullied my cousin to push me
and they'll say
"Kak Isz nie beratlah!!"

yang ada adik berumur 4-5 tahun
saya sudi bermain
dengan mereka!

I'll always be young at heart,

Nasi Lemak = Heaven

Hello people!
My laptop shows it's 1.31 am
I just ate some wickedly awesome 2 bungkus of nasi lemak
and i was self-disciplining myself
not to eat after 8 p.m.
Mama: Kak Isz habiskanlah lagi satu bungkus. Aiman tak nak
Iszati: .....
Mama: Ibah?
Iszati: Kak Isz nak!! ^^
I can't resist the temptation

Since I'm not using my credit
like I used to
I decided to call my girlfriends
make it my bestgirlfriends
I called Aainaa
We used to have long conversation
during the holidays after our 1st semester of pre-law
we share the same birthday!
(take note!! ;) )
I called Diana
I just called her yesterday
Asked for gossip and updates
Talked for awhile
Can't wait to meet her
I called Mardiah
She's my cousin
She didn't answer
I called Kak Ana
My 3rd semester roomie
No answer
I called Zalida
My best friend from standard 1
confirming about
are we going out tomorrow
she says she'll let me know
by tonight
and I still haven't received any answer
Oh well
She's moving to Penang
on the 24th of december
Oh swell
Mardiah called me back
and we talked
for a loooong time
kinda miss her
even though we live in the same neighbourhood
talked about lot of stuff
from boyfriend to UiTM Shah Alam
Talking about UiTM Shah Alam
I'm scared
I'm anxious
What if I don't get BLS?
Why is it taking sooo long
for them
to post
are we accepted
or not!

I'm stress,
And I miss my besties,

Monday, December 22, 2008

Never ever give up,
Even though they say,
There's nothing else you could do to fix it,
Don't listen to what they say,
You have to admit your wrong,
And it's your fault,
Give it another try,
Don't ever give up,
Don't be down-sprited,
Try fixing it again.
When you did your best,
It doesn't matter if it's fix or not,
Because you know that you gave all you got.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stepcousin Wedding

My uncle stepson wedding. Don't know his name. Don't know how he looks like.

1st dish
Some japenese dish. I don't know what it's called since our table were not equipped with the menu. It wasn't yummy as it looks.

2nd dish
Two different type of popiah. Me like the brown popiah.

3rd dish
Sushi. I was the only one eating a LOT! ahaha Because I'm sitting with adults. And they just can't seem to digest Sushi.

4th dish
Spaghetti. I hate spaghetti. Eurgh!

5th dish
Nasi Minyak. Sikit dowh nasi. Maybe diorg nak kitorg diet kowt? hehe

6th dish
Kuih muih.

7th dish
Ubi kayu dessert. Can I have ice cream plis?

8th dish
Teh Tarik.

A blur picture; this is where families will take their pictures. Since I'm using my phone camera, it's all blury. I like the decoration though.

Tak mengeyangkan :D haha,

Saturday, December 20, 2008

If only people could see inside my heart,
They'll know,
How much I cried.
Even though there's a smile on my face,
They'll know,
It's a lie,
Because I'm crying inside,
Why don't I cry in the outside?
I don't know why,
But I just can't,
This tears just won't come out,
All I could do,
Is cry, cry and cry,
Inside my heart,
The cries of disappointment,
The cries of anger.
I'm sorry I disappoint you,
I'm sorry I was angry at you,
Whoever you are,
I'm sorry.
I wish I can cry,
But I can't.
But my heart is crying,
and I wish you can see that.

Being emo,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Get Ready

UiTM Shah Alam

coz I'm coming!!


'm so FREAKING ready!!

Thanks for reading,


Benefit of the Doubt

Dragon Ball

I'm giving the movie benefit of the doubt,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm scared.

I'm feeling Murderous

I cried.

I was watching season 2 of Spa Q, when suddenly i had the most powerful contact on my right eye and less than a second, my left eye. My left eye hurts the most, I think it was because it was hit by a bigger momentum than my right. Of course my eyes were shut. I could feel that the source of it was something small and thin and hard. My guess, it was my leather belt. I was damn right.

I was caught off-guard. My eyes were vulnerable. I was bloody watching Spa Q when I got hit. It was excruciating. My reflexes was to cover my tightly closed eyes with my hand because my eyeballs hurt soo much. I wanted to cry. So, i did.

My brother said sorry for about twenty times. I feel like slapping his face more than twenty times. But my eyes needed me more than Aiman's face. I cried and closed my eyes for about five minute. My father and mother came to check on me after my brother and sister told them what had happened. My father asked me to open my eyes to see if any serious damage was done. Nothing. My father asked me to put my face under running water and selawat. I obliged.

The last time I cried I received money, this time, I cried I received empathy. Ciss.. Empathy can't buy me Pull and Bear bag that i wanted. Life sucks.

Current mood: I want to murder Aiman Yusof bin Kamarul Zaki and chuck his eyeballs out and burn them and feed the ashes to the Koi in my house.

Last record for not crying: 6 months
New record for not crying: today; 16/12/08

Idris: Kak isz, mata kak isz macam mata sharingan kakashi laa.. (referring to my left eye, which was red).

V E R Y F U N N Y.

Thank you for reading my rants,

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

If you fail to plan, You plan to fail.

The 1st text msg:
Ni aku zal,wei.. G lmbt sket leh x dlm kl 12.. Aku xde kdt tau. Pape juz col aku ek.

The 2nd text msg:
Aku nie zal.. Wei.. aku de kenduri kwin r kt gombak.. Kte g ari rabu leh x?

I was just about to get into the car when I received the second text msg. I was devastated. It was supposed to be me and her, the two of us, lepak-king kat Ou. And she bailed on me. I was like okayy. Luckily, my sister and brother came along to watch twilight, with my little brother, Aiman, tagging along. Plan B. Instead of going out with my best friend from standard 1, I went out with my 2 sister and 1 brother.

Zal called me after the 2nd text msg, asking can we go out this coming wednesday. I guess I was a bit pissed off. So I told her I'm not sure. Money is not the main problem here. It was just the fact that I let her pick the day we are supposed to go out and she was the one telling me the last nano second minute that she can't make it. Kenduri kahwin on Monday? I don't think so. But she is my best friend though.

I lost my mood for awhile. Come on, you will too if you were me. Well, being an ever optimist, I decided to make the best out of this situation. This was the first time the four of us went out together without parents or adult supervision(me? haha). Cool. The uncool part was my little brother, Aiman was tagging along too. Uncool doesn't mean I don't want him here, it's just uncool coz it's uncool. GET IT? Plus, I thought since I was supposed to be hanging out with Zal, he will ended up being babysit by my sisters (which is why I persuaded them to bring Aiman in the first place). Last-last, I ended up babysitting him.

We arrived, around 11.30 am. Our first stop was Popular. Ibah just can't wait to get her hands on New Moon. Yes, she had become a fellow twilighter like the rest of the girls around the globe. I was searching for a 2009 diary since D already bought me a schedule planner. There was a section where all the diary is. I have to say that, diary is DAMN expensive! Most of them cost around 30-50 bucks! There were even a diary which cost a whooping 80 bucks! Since I don't feel like spending so much on a diary, I took the cheapest there is, RM10. Ahh.., I suke barang murah. Ibah didn't get her New Moon that she wanted because there was none left. Too bad.

Then, we head ourselves to Ou new wing. Our destination was to get ourselves tickets from GSC before a lot of people shows up. As planned, Ibah and Kinah went for twilight. What wasn't plan was me and Aiman. Jeez. I don't think any guy will enjoy watching romantic movie, even if they're vampires involved. So, I let him choose the movie that he wants to watch. It was Cicakman 2. Yeah. I'd chose Cicakman 2 over twilight. Sue me. I don't feel like seeing the romance of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Yeah. Kill me.

We had our lunch kat Carl's Jr. We ordered Super star, Bacon cheesy what-the-heck, and Fish & Chips.

Cicakman 2 was.. hurm, boring? lame? urr.. over? yeah, that's the word. The movie was over-done. Banyak lawak yang tak menjadi. Too much was focus ws laid on the fighting scene, less on the storyline. I'll just rate it 3 star out of 5. Malaysian movie standard of course. Cousins or relatives of KRU don't get mad at me, I'm paying for the ticket you know.

Forever 21. I wanted to find a for-class bag. Make it black. There were 4-5 variety of them but I didn't like any of them. So, I decided to stick to the list: black flats and black bag. That was the plan untill my sister showed me this jeans. Grey Jeans! I was like OH MY GOWSH! The jeans that I searched my whole life!! (gile exeggerate kan.. hehe). I decided to try that jeans and a green long sleeve shirt and black skirt. Ibah chose, sour-plum coloured jeans and maroon long sleeve shirt. The jeans fitted me just right. Well, except it was longer coz I'm kinda short, obviously. It was like my destiny to find this particular jeans in this particular store (I'm exeggrating again). But don't all girls feel that way too sometimes ;) So i paid for the jeans. Ahh.. The list? Dah buang kat laut. Hehe. Who cares? Owh, Adibah got herself the jeans and the long sleeve shirt. Aiman and Kinah waited for an hour outside. A worthy sacrifice I would say.

Aiman: Lamenye Kak Isz ngan Ibah. Enan dah berak pown korang tak siap-siap lagi.

Pull and Bear. I wanted so badly to go there. And.. It was next to Forever 21. I didn't freaking realized that!! Haha.. And D told me it was somewhere near Tropicana Life. I don't think i'll trust short-sighted people anymore. (jangan marah D, memain je :P) hehe. So, I went in there. It's exactly like Zara. Considering the fact that it is under Zara. Duhh. And Ibah shows me this amazingly cool retro sling bag. Ah, I'm in love. But I have insufficient money left. ATM card was a different story. So I didn't went for the bag. Plus, there were more shops that I haven't visited yet. I have to say the shoes there are gorgeous! But they all have the same label 'contain pig skin lining'!! Shit la weyh!! Why oh why...

MPH. Ibah wanted to get her New Moon. Again, there was none left. Too bad. Instead, Ibah and I bought animal-like pencil case. FYI, it only cost RM15. And the amazing fact that I got myself Pendragon 8. Yeah! :0

Cucut the turtle and Hobo the donkey or a rabbit?
My first thought was, it's a donkey.
Then my dad said it's a rabbit.
I got kind of confused.
Whaddaya think?

Zara. Tak kesampaian. My dad was coming in 20 minutes time. That's not enough. So we just went walking. Yeah.

Lesson learned today is:

Plans are worthless, but planning is invaluable.

In the case of me and my bestie, the plans are worthless and the fact that i had planned this all along with my siblings helped save the day.

In the case of the list: black flats and black bag, dua-dua tak boleh pakai. haha.
It was inevitable ;0 .

Till then,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kahwinkan aku ngan Donald Trump

So that I can have abundance of money

TIME and a

By Maira Kalman.

This was excerpt from TIME Style & Design. The Luxury Index: A Complete Guide to the Best Products, People and Places of 2008.

Being tak mampu to buy any of the stuff here, tengok je la(not to mention drool).

A to Z
A complete guide to the people, places and products that are changing our perception of luxury while influencing and inspiring savvy customer around the world


Beyond beauty

RM 3,571.80

Taking antiaging scream to a new level of extravagance La Prairie has whipped up Cellular Cream Platinum Rare (above) , a face cream that uses particles of the coveted element platinum, whose antioxidant properties are said to fight the aging process and renew the skin's luster. At $1,000 a bottle, pockets will need to be more than skin deep to afford it.

RM 3,571.80!! For an antiaging cream??!! pfft.. Bedak sejuk sudeyh.. hehe :puteh_22:


The current trend in fine jewelry is big, round cabochon in bright cherry reds, sky blues and emerald greens. From everything from Hobbs & Kent cuff links to Dior clutches.


OMG!! The stone in the middle is exquisite, it has soo many colours. Wedding ring? :puteh_6: Even though it'll look kinda weird. But who cares??

Cell Phones

Technology meets fashion with jewellike phones hitting the market from brands like Vertu, whose new Signature comes in solid gold, and Tag Heuer, whose first-ever phone, Meridiist, has a display front made of scratch-proof 60.5-carat saphirre glass. Available in Europe and Asia only, Emporio Armani's new Night Effect from Samsung features LED special effects.

Vertu yellow-gold Signature

Tag Heuer Meridiist

Emporio Armani Night Effect

I'll gladly exchange my phone for any of this mobile phone. Any takers? :pandaGeli_03: I gotta say the TAG phone is totally to-die-for!

Custom Handbags

Design-it-yourself handbags are the latest must-have on Europe's brand-infested boulevards. Ralph Lauren's new sleek shop in Paris features a corner where customers can choose from 20 shades of alligator and six linings to create their custom Ricky bag(below). Even Tod's has it.



The pink Ricky bag is drop dead gorgeous!! :pandaGeli_09: Alligator skin, peduli apa..


The green movement hasn't always been associated with luxury shopping, but that is about to change. Louis Vuitton's latest Japenese flagship(above), a futuristic 10-story structure is slated to open in 2010 in Tokyo's Ginza neighborhood, will utilize natural ventilation and light and include open-air terraces to reinforce the building's green spirit. The design takes its cues from the leaf, which is the model for the floor plan, and was devised to accommodate not only a store but also a Louis Vuitton cafe, a spa, a bookshop and a gallery that will also host art exhibits.

Very cool and futuristic indeed, if only I can go inside. Fat chance! :puteh_25:But who know's??


Couturiers (one who designs for or owns such an establishment) depend on handwork to set them apart, and a new crop of limited-edition fragrances is embracing that mentality.

Love, Ralph Lauren Luxury Edition Parfum includes a hand-cut amethyst(a purple or violet quartz, used as a gem).


Gianni Versace Couture Eau de Parfum comes in a custom train case.

Killian's Artistic Edition fragrance bottles were hand painted by Sophie Matisse, the grandchild of art royalty.
1000 euro for 50ml

Thousands for fragrance, like srsly. I like the Ralph Lauren perfume. Lawa.. :pandaGeli_07:


Gilt (gold in color)

Since he began designing for Fendi in 1965, Karl Lagerfeld has done everything to fur, including dyeing, shaving and laser-cutting it. Now he has dipped it in 24-carat gold, literally. The gilded Persian lamb jacket(below) is misted with gold particle.

Can I have this in my wardrobe?? :puteh_12: Who needs gelang emas anyway..


Ride in style with Louis Vuitton's motorcycle helmet(below) part of the new Damier Graphite collection, a masculine take in black and gray on Vuitton's classic checkered Damier design that was the brand's original trademark before its fanous LV monogram was invented.
Imagine all motorcyclist wearing these! Gile stylooo!! Confirm sume org nak naik motor ngan korang(sebenarnye nk try helmet LV tu je) hehe :mGelak:

Maîtres du Temps


1 JUTA for a watch??!! haha boleh beli Ferari!! Tapi ia sunggguh lawa!! Don't you agree? I love the day indicator, very unique. :mLove:


Pink has become the hue du jour. Subtle and feminine, this placid shade has become the newest neutral.

Pink ehh.. Hurmmm.. There's not many clothes that comes in pale pink.. :mThinking:


Exotic skin always make a statement, and this season phyton styles in particular are slithering their way into the wardrobes of fashionistas.
I can live without snake-skin-products, even though it's Prada.. Or maybe not, come on, it's PRADA.. :pandaGeli_15:

Textbook Beauty


Just when you thought there was nothing new to learn about makeup and skin care, makeup artist Bobbi Brown publishes her ultimate beauty book,
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual ($32; Springboard Press), featuring useful tips such as what to stock in an office desk drawer and what to eat to "feed" your skin. For those completely flummoxed by the increasingly scientific terminology used in skin-care products, Brown provides a glossary decoding everything from peptides to retinoids.

Can I have one plissss... nak jugak!! huhu :mCry:


As purple is the standout colour of the season, it's no suprise that fashion designers and jewelers headed to the garden for inspiration and plucked the dainty violet as their muse. Van Cleef & Arpels' Bouquet de Violettes pin (price upon request) and Roger Vivier's Violetta sandal ($1,145) both offer a subtler take on the trend.

VINCON Magno radio designed by Singgih Susilo Kartino

It's back to basics for designers this season. Eschewing the high-tech and often environmentally unfriendly materials that seemed so striking in the past — think colorful polycarbonate chairs and housewares — the latest trend to sweep everything from furniture to fashion is wood. Available, naturally, in a broad spectrum of shades and fixed with unique patterns in the grain, wooden objects are never exactly alike. From the simple practicality of Stilvoll's desk to Vinçon's quirky radio and even Bottega Veneta's glamorous bangles, wood is adaptable to any taste.

Gile Old school radio tu.. :pandaGeli_05: I'll just have an i-pod nano please.

You can't imagine how longgg it took me,
Thanks for reading,