Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pc Fair and Shawl

Hi! :)
Let's skip the part where I say it's been zillion years since I update my blog.
However, I want to thank YOU for reading even when I haven't updated :)

I've been wanting to buy an external hard disk since my laptop had gone bloody slow and I was afraid it might collapse due to over capacity. Who knows?

Me and Mardiah waited for the right time to buy and that's when the pc fair comes in. hehe.

To cut the story short;
Yesterday we went to the pc fair in klcc to hunt for the externals.

I bought:
1. Blue Samsung 500 giga byte external hard disk
2. Goten 4 giga byte pendrive for my brother (Goten from Dragon Ball as birthday present)
3. Leopard laptop skin (adorable! hehe)


lots lots lots of shawl at Jalan TAR

I beam myself to sleep