Monday, August 5, 2019

How do you sleep

I have trouble sleeping.
I hate it when I only have less than 7 hours of sleep.

I get stressed out from work.
When you arrive home from work, you just get so emotionally exhausted.
Especially if it's due to human factor.
Although, the main devil is my addiction to phone till late at night.
Let's procrastinate from 10pm to 11pm to 12am to 1am ughhhh
It's a mix of anxiety and procrastination.
So I basically slept almost at 2am every night

Even if I stop using my phone at 10am, eyes all shut, I just can't seem to be falling asleep.
What works?

My friend and I made it a routine to go for an uphill walk around 4 km for 45 minutes near our office every day. What had kick-start it was our company allowed for us to go for brisk walk at 5pm every Wednesday (we actually discontinued during puasa and raya but I continued walking on my treadmill).
If you read the Power of Habit, it takes 21 days to turn routine to habit.
Now, we're almost at 2 weeks, 1 more week to go.
The point is sweating it out helps me to relieve stress and I swear it leads to better sleep!

Aromatherapy candle 
I use the 3 wick candles by Bath and Body Works. My favourite has to be Fresh Cut Lilacs and Lavender + Cedarwood. It can be pretty expensive but I usually buy them during promotion. I still have not bought them at the Original price and I have bought around 7 candles so far.

Classical music
I prefer playing Bach than Mozart and Beethoven
It even helps me to focus at work. Unless if my colleague complains that she needs music from people who have not died 200 years ago. 
When I turn the lights off I doze off to Piano Classics for Babies by Nokto Music. I favourited the album into my Apple Music.

What do you do to help improve your quality of sleep?

ps: It's 11.55 pm I better sleep! xoxo