Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kerja gila? :)

Assalamualaikum & Hi! :)
I'm back by popular demand! :) hehe sy mmg mcm gini haha
(gelak sendiri sbb lawak nie i n ekin je faham)
I'm sorry but my life was so messed up and I couldn't find the time. My internet lembat gilaaaa (sebab tgk nanny 911 online non-stop :p) maka saya tak dpt upload post yg bergambar sbb dh melebihi 5gb sebulan.
Biane! (Sorry in Korean)

First of all,
I want to wish the Best for Japan. May they be strong enough and have hope to face the after-tsunami effects and get back on their feet to rebuilt it. It's kinda sad to see them to face such hardship because they are one of the advanced country in the world and maybe in Asia.
And if anyone joked about Naruto not saving them from the wrath of nature,
let me just say "await hang *tuuuuut* sgt?"
haha sila isi mengikut kreativiti anda :p
Tolonglah faham, Naruto tu ninja Hidden Leaf bukannya Jepun. Ada paham??

Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia: disappointment 

Seriously, I think Uitm Shah Alam library has much more sources (law) than the National Library. The place is of course gazillion time bigger but the amount of books is so disappointing.

There's only one continuous row of law books, around six to seven bookcase that is specifically on Malaysian law but I can't find the subject that I want which are Family Law and Jurisprudence. I need to find extra book for my project paper (Family Law) and alang-alang daun keladi carilah jugak buku Juris for my assignment.

Haram tak ada! :(
sila describe emosi saya mengikut kreativiti anda :p

Pastu, tak kan nk balik dgn tangan kosong, saya ambik la buku sexual crime and cara menjauhi iblis (x ingat tajuk) hehe :) buku tu byk gmbr cartoon yg best maka sy ambik

Last-last, patron situ ckp saya kene ambik number code die, pegi bhgn pinjaman tingkat 3 and cari kat situ then baru boleh pinjam.

Adohaiiiii! Kalau camtu baik terus cari kat bhgn pinjaman, asal cari kat sini! D:
sila describe emosi saya mengikut kreativiti anda :p
Tak pinjam pun sbb dh sakit hati n melecehkan.

Pastu meet up with Ibah (she was at the old building). She wanted to borrow a few books. We went to the bhgn pinjaman and searched for her books. My sis managed to point me the law section and I managed to find books that I can use! :) ~happy..... but somehow my sis couldn't managed to find her books.
What to do.

I wonder if the National Library meets the national standard?

Okay, instead of being highly criticizing I should be more supportive. Please include more books on Law and other subjects and make the library a less duller place (old building). The new building is quite comfy and nice though.

After that trip to the National Library I went to the Curve :) hehe

Pin Necklace and my first two Malay Novel :)

The last time I remembered buying malay novel is at primary schools. They were malay translation of Enid Blyton The Famous Five, tu pun time book sale at my school. I never bought any again. I don't know why but  timbul perasaan nk beli novel melayu. So I bought:

Diari Mat Despatch
cool kan cover kulit die! 
:) hehe

Kami Hero!

Hehe sy x sanggup nk baca novel cinta yg bertajuk Sepupuku Suamiku, Cinta Kau dan Aku, Kau ibarat lilin, Ayat-ayat jiwang and banyak lah lagi... Okay, yang Kau ibarat lilin tu saya reka :D
Sorry lah I x layan novel jiwang2 nie :p
Lagi rela baca pasal Hang Tuah atau kisah Badang drpd novel2 jiwang nie
Kahwin paksala, kahwin contract la, kahwin tanpa kerelaan la..... tak sanggup perut eden nak digest apa kejadah punya story yg berbelit dan cinta yg terhalang niee.... sy lagi rela terjun bagunan yg x bertingkat :p

Maka sy telah membeli buku yang sempoi and nmpk macam fun seperti di atas.. hehe :) sbb sy seorg sempoi n fun n x jiwang? haha perasan tapi sy rasa betul teori sy tu :) please correct me if I'm wrong :) mcm mana pulak dgn kebudak-budakan??? oooppppssss! NO KOMEN! haha kalau org ckp muka sy babyface sy memanjatkan kesyukuran kalau childish sy ckp NO KOMEN! hehe :p

My Pin Necklace :)
sengaja nk buat keje gila sblm smbg wat keje :)

Iszati: kalau ko, ko beli x rantai nie?
Ibah: kalau ak, ak x beli
Iszati: hehe *bagus bagus* ;)
mksdnya tak ramai yg beli maka sy dpt sesuatu yg unik ;)

Tolonglah jgn buat lawak klise spt boleh lak guna pin kalau seluar longgar
kalau ckp nak sambungkan ngan pin napkin lawak la jgk hehe :)

Okay! saya harus sambung buat keje nie! Bye! :)

Thanks for reading! :)
Sila like kalau korang like :)
I need the publicity okayyy ;)

Of Ayam Goreng and Cute Spectacle Guy :)

Assalamualaikum & Hello!
This is the wedding in Seremban that I went last week.
What I can remember are the ayam goreng sedap la sesangat and one cute spectacle guy hehe
Nama pengantin pun x ingat aigooooooo....

The Newlywed :)
Congrats! :)

Haziq, Cik Ita & Cik Idin
The wedding theme is purple

Auntie Aida & Cik Ita

Siblings :)
My mom, Cik Idin & Cik Adi

Unknown & My Atok
membincangkan hal globalisasi? 

The Navy Family v The Royal Blood
Kinah, Ibah, Ucu & Me

♥ Sisters Love! 
Ammar, Kinah, Me & Ibah
This is what you get when you haven't had 
time to put on your concealer and loose powder.

Ammar Zaki

Enan Idong Penyet!

senyim simpul hehe

Hakim & Arif
senyum simpul lagi hehe

Puteri & Aisyah

Fakihah & Puteri

Thanks for everything! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kampung Halaman di Negeri Sembilan :)

Asmkm and Hello! :)
Ehhh, bukan ada test ke esok? Asal update blog? Bukan patut pulun study ke?
Sabar-sabar ye cik puan tuan dato datin :p
Test Family Law yang dijadual akan berlepas esok telah ditunda kpd minggu depan :D
Happy? Oklah, sempat lah nak revise International Law that's due on Friday but....
I spent the morning studying Family Law when I can study International Law :/ 
Ini tidak adil! Jom kita bakar! Bakar! Bakar! Bakar apa? :p (tak berapa nk waras)

Me, Dayah, Mimie and Tiera went out to eat dinner at Section 2 Shah Alam after our class. Me, Dayah and Tiera have our swimming lesson at 8pm. :)
While waiting for Dayah and Tiera, to berbuka puasa, Mimie and me came upon this conversation:

Iszati: Mimie, tahu tak I ada gambar kampung I zaman dulu.
Atap die guna daun nipah.
Mimie: .....(x ingat apa yg dickpkan)
mcm mana daun nipah tu tukar jadi atap zink skrg
Iszati: ....
(x menjawab soalan sbb x tahu n malas nk fikir :p)

So, here it is.
My wan's house in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan

Di zaman serba moden

Di Zaman Dahulu Kala

Vintage kannn? hehe :)
On a lighter note, I'm currently tgh minum Eno Lemon hehe :D tak de kerja kan
sebenarnya saya beli in case kalau ada makanan banyak yang mengiurkan and kalau tak mampu nak makan, minum eno and sambung balik makan hehe macam kat iklan tv ;p

Dengan pemikiran camnie macam mana la nak diet
~humban je la kat sungai~ 
tak bleh tak bleh! :)

Okay gtg study IL
Thanks for reading! 

Thanks to my cousin Along for the pictures  :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Wine and Cheese Party 2011

Asmkm n Hello! :)
I just want to say thank you to the people that faithfully view my page even if I haven't updated for agesssss
I'm not a celebrity I know :p

Since this is my last year for NWNC 
(pray that I will be admitted to LLB),
I decided to have fun with my girlfriendssss! :)
The theme was Candy Land 

My outfit candy la sangat

The huge lollipop was my akseri (accessories) 
to make up for black and white outfit
of course, chic casual was within the scope of the theme
(what a poor excuse)

 My 1st time pakai contact lens kelabu
sila open link in a new tab utk witness
tipu jeee... haha

Sila baca komen kami regarding this pic di fb:
ish2..izati watpe tu..
  • Que Othman flirting~
    Saturday at 10:37pm ·  ·  2 people

  • Athirah Ab Razak haha..muahx2 sgt.. hee
    Saturday at 10:38pm ·  ·  1 person

  • Neeja Yaacub alalala comelnya isz
    Sunday at 6:38pm · 

  • Nur Izzati haha nasib baik Q, kalau mamat handsome... okay gak hahahaha :D
    Sunday at 7:05pm · 

  • Que Othman klau mamat hensem sure muncung tu da melekat kat pipi.
    Sunday at 7:44pm · 

  • Nur Izzati haha x boleh bla ~~ :p onew sorg je dibenarkan haha
    Sunday at 8:08pm · 

Candy Garden Mascot! 

Me and my batch :)
Left to right: Meeramas, Meera Azi, Me, Thiah, Mimie, Siti, Q
Sesat kat depan: Tiera
Just want to highlight that:
Me and my very cute friend Thiah (red stripe, next to me)
Baju lebih kurang sama, cuma colour bebeda
:) hehe

Left to Right: Dayah, Firdaus and Tiera 
Mereka adalah model Ho Mai Banana Split
(daus je, yg dua tu model x berbayar)

Yummy! :)
I'm eating banana split with extra cookie 
(kena paksa beli dgn classmate sbb diorg yg jual :p)
tapi sedap, so x kisah pown :)

best nya kalau sume ni candy betul! 
haha :D
tapi I nak chocolate!

Congrats to Mimi dapat dekan for last sem
Nie kene minta tunjuk ajar ku sifu nie 
*batuk batuk batuk*
mesti ada org tertentu suka gmbr nie atas sbb tertentu 
I'm just killing two birds with one stone :p

I was searching for NWNC for pics n I found...
OMG! This is so cute!
My friend Sarah Yasmin with her gingerbread lady outfit
looks like tinker bell kan :)

Clockwise from the top: Me, Mimie n Q

Left to Right: Mimie, Me, Dayah n Tiera
Geng Harimau vs Geng Arnab
Geng Arnab bajet innocent!
I know better! hehe :p

Thanks for reading!
Roger and Out! ;)

I have two test, Family law on thursday and International Law on friday. 
Wish me luck! :)

Bye Bye!
Till we meet again :)

Picture credit to Q :) Thanks darl! ;)