Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What do you SECRETLY wish a guy would do on the first date?

  • Miss Pemilik Blogger: Buy me chocolate and a 'you look nice' compliment :)

  • Miss Anonymous: Buy me the most delicious food he's ever eaten n just have fun

  • Miss Mental-case: He holds my hand n says 'would u marry me?' wow! he's soo hot n really brave! Omg!

  • Miss J: I'd like a compliment of anything bout me & jz hang out, hv quiet chats. Gifts x necessary bt soft toy's good :P

  • Miss AM: Something simple and yet to be remember, picnic for instance and oh yeah a second date :)

  • Miss Sushi Junkie: Bring me 2 rome.haha..if not myb we're going 2 historical places. wow, so romantic. i like. n xlupe gk, die blnje i sushi. gle r. trs trharu..

  • Miss AS: Treat me like a princess n be a gentlemen.. Like open d door 4 me..

  • Miss Kentel: Bring me out for fine dine kt expensive restaurant not forgotten a bouquet of flower for me, then tetibe he play piano for me.

  • Miss Hang-kalut: Commitment n a bouquet of roses

This is actually aimed to help clueless blokes out there but it didn't turn out the way that I wanted it to be :/ but it is funny! :D

Miss Kentel:
Berangan je kan.
Tentu2 lelaki msia x seromantik tu.
Ramai kaki bangku daa.

Malaysian men, do you have anything you want to say?

I am currently reading Inkheart.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interior is more important than exterior, are you sure?

Hello readers! I'm sorry for the late post.
I went for my Marks & Spencer interview today :) and I got it! Yeah!
The funniest part was

GM: Pernah wrap present sebelum ni?
Me: Tak pernah :/
GM: Kalau nak wrap present hantar kat mana?
Me: Hantar kedai :/ :/ (Lovely Lace to be exact)

OMG! I'm hopeless!

GM: Kalau orang ajar boleh belajar tak?
Me: Boleh! ;)

I'll start this friday morning at 9.30 am. Hurm, I don't think I can't afford to sleep back after Subuh but what the heck. I'm doing it for money.

After my interview we went to eat at Otak-Otak Place. Personally, I think the atmosphere was really comfy, we even played Happy Family game while waiting for our food to arrive and oh boy it arrived very fast. I had chicken chop with wedges and teh tarik; Idris had Hainese chicken rice and teh tarik; and my mom had coffe.

Then, we went to MPH :)
I wanted to buy Brisingr hardcover but it was RM102.90! Bloody Mahal!!

Me: Mama, nak beli hardcover atau paperback? Hardcover 102 Paperback 32

Yes, beza 70 hinggit!

Mama: Baik beli yang 32 ringgit, kalau 102 dah boleh beli 3 buku
Me: alaaaa ma, buku yang sebelum nie hardcover ma.
tapi dulu 80 ringgit je

I pondered for a long time and bought the paperback and 2 more books!
So, I bought 3 books!



The Abhorsen Chronicles


Okay, my mom was the one who paid for the books. You have to know your limit and push it to the Max! :D Teknik ini harus dipelajari dan harus dipratikkan kpd your mommy, daddy, boyfriend and hubby ;P but I bought my black working shoe with my own money okayyy.

My problem now is,
which book shall I read first,
Brisingr or Inkheart or Abhorsen?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Marks & Spencer

Hello readers!
If I said I didn't know what kawtim is, would you curse me?

Ucu: Kak isz isi form dulu, then interview..
kawan ucu akn tlg kawtim kn nnt
Me: Kawtim tu apa ucu? Hehe
Ucu: Adoii kak isz..kawtim tu sort off mcm
arrange kn la camtu :)

I'm off to work at Marks & Spencer, One Utama. But when should I start? I only enjoyed 4 days of total freedom but I need need need money! Okay, I want want want want MORE MONEY! Since I only used RM50 from my last paycheck.

"You can save all you want cos in the end you'll just use it"

Don't you agree?
I just realized I haven't upload any picture of me working at Parkson One Utama for last semester holiday. So here it is when we actually took this illegally :P

Ekin from Princess and Me from Transformer

Ekin and Me

Ekin and I-don't-remember-his-name

I'm currently reading LOTR 1,
quite a challenge.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ketandusan Idea

Hi! Ketandusan idea melanda diriku... Yeap! I'm gettin more and more melancholic these days... Not to mention I haven't had anything serious to post, not that kind of serious but a decent post I shall say. But, yesterday something had made it a fun day!

Best Friend: Muhd Idris and Nik Zaen.

Nik Zaen has a Facebook.

Idris also wants a Facebook.

Nik Zaen camwhored with a stuffed cat.

Idirs also camwhored with a stuffed cat.

Nik Zaen wants to eat his stuffed cat.

Idris also wants to eat his stuffed cat,

But I told him to shut up and leave me with my internet alone.

Actually I told him it's my turn to online and he should go play somewhere else :) I'm so effin bored I think I'll re-read any of my beloved book.

Nik Zaen is soooooooo adorable and super duper cute!

He wrote this:
I always get bulid by Ariffin.

Bulid? So cute! :)
It turns out that Ariffin bullies both Nik Zain and Muhd Idris.

Shall it be,
Pendragon or Eragon?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wedding Tag

Tagged by: Diana Ramlan

how old are you ?

are you single ?

at what age do you think u'll get married ?
25 or 26

do you think you'll be marrying the person u are with now ?
who am I with?

if not, who do u want to marry ?
Cookie Monster :P

who will be your bridesmaid or your bestman ?
Mar, ko duduk kat dapur tau! haha :D tak de ah, ko tlg manage r :)

do you want a garden , beach or traditional wedding ?

where do you plan to go for honeymoon?
I'll let my hubby decide! :O hehe
or shall it be at the beach, reading harry potter and my hubby sleeping next to me? haha
tak romantic langsung

how many guest do you think you'll invite ?
A lot! Anyone I can think of from friends, family, colleague and the list goes on and on..

will that include ur exes ?
Why not?

how many layers of cake do you want ?
4: cheese, chocolate, cheese and chocolate! :D
Gila tak reasonable!

when do you want to get married ? morning or evening ?

name the song/tune you would like to play at your wedding ?
Love songs that I listen and wish I could dedicate it to someone and now I'll dedicate it to my self! :)

do you prefer fine dining or just normal fork / spoon / knife ?
I prefer makanan yang sedap!

champagne or red wine ?

honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding ?
months? :)

money or household item?
Money so I can buy house, volkswagen golf gti, household item and shopping :)

how many kids would you like to have ?

will you record your honeymoon in CD or DVD ?
Take picture is enough already

My gosh,
I survived!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nichkhun- We Became One

I give my heart to you
You give your heart to me
Now we'll be in love
Forever in love