Friday, May 30, 2014

Where to next?

I was complaining on the last holiday I went which was last raya ago.
So I planned to go to Bangkok Thailand but due to the coup that happened recently on may.
Maybe I have to cancel that plan.

-Boracay, Philiphines. Cliff jump! and the view is spectacular!

-Jeju Island-Seoul-Nami Island, Korea. 
I even plan to take an international driving license promotion one way 340... please make it spring. nak sangat ambik gambar dgn cherry blossom. nk jejalan ambik scenery. 

-Mabul and Sipadan

-Mount Bromo, Jogja, Lombok, Bali 
 Rinjani National Park

so basically im researching to kill time while im chambering and to have a goal to look forward.