Thursday, February 26, 2009


Test 1 Contract was....

Open Your Mouth & Scream!

My schedule for this week is damn bloody busy that I'm lost on what I should actually be doing.
I'm given an opportunity to blog just for the sake I have to print my mom's e-mail a.s.a.p and my sis had been complaining on my -very very long- absence in blogging.

Here is just a rough schedule on my to-do's:


- Study contract
- Silat practice from 8.00 pm- 10.30 pm
- I really want to attend no wine & cheese party but can't afford to because there's only 24 hour a day. *Sigh*
- Study contract before Arsagoff studies me


- contract test! x_____x Die man!
- Discuss constitutional law assignment
- Silat demonstration in Puncak Perdana UiTM Shah Alam ( I'm so scared! :/)
- Study on the current issue for constitutional law oral test

the day after tomorrow (friday)

- constitutional law oral test!
- send constitutional law assignment


- my cousin's wedding, I have to give the 'buah tangan', I think, gotta find myself acomfortable shoe! >:D
- mandarin mini-drama skrip draft, I'm thinking about Si Arnab & Kura-kura, I'll be the arnab, Mardiah the Kura-kura and mimie jadi judge. Hahahaha. No idea yet :/
- Malaysian legal system presentation, I'll be doing on the Law Reform Act
- Tamadun islam essay

current mood: GILA PENING! @______________@

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Of mosquito repellant and boarding school

Howdy-do people!
I couldn't sleep last night, I slept at 4.30 am -_____-".
I watched twilight till 2.30 am, I thought I'll be tired by that time, but I wasn't.
I tossed n turned and tossed again, but to no avail.
Twilight was... cheesy ;P
My parents picked me up by 8.15 am (which means less than 4 hour sleep for me).
They were suppose to come last night after mengaji, but couldn't make it.
All they wanted to give was mosquito repellent, the plug-in-to-the-socket type ( I complained the night before when I couldn't sleep because of that irritating noise that the stupid mosquito makes and their bites which I make poor attempts to murder them in the dark).
Not forgetting I had my mom printed e-mail to and from fitness first to give to.
I feel like a spoiled brat! hahaha
Then again, maybe I am :o)
Big news!

My mom called me just now,
Aiman got a place in MRSM Gemencheh.
It's in Negeri Sembilan.
I so want to laugh and tease him right now!
Who wants to bet he's going to cry at the moment my parents going to leave him?

That's all from me,

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