Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finding the right earring :)

Asmkm n Hello! :)
I was kinda bored with my outfit, so I decided to experiment myself with earring. tehehe
I went for earring hunting with my sis, n bought 2 hoop earring. 

The earring that I bought doesn't suit me 
I have a round face 
and wearing round earring
just make my face looks wider


I went earring hunting again.
This time I bought an emerald green chandelier.

Much better don't you think?



If you have a round face like me
don't buy hoop earring
buy those dangling or chandelier earrings

That's all for now.
Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Because you are worth it ;)

As'makum! :) Hello! :) Ni hao! :) Anyo masayo! :) 
burger n mayo? :p

Today, I'm going to touch on several issues that are both annoying and no concern of mine. Nak wat project paper, time tulah benda2 merepek nie pops up. -________________-" I need to spit it out here. 

Some question that are aimlessly dancing (annoyingly) inside my brain. 
It is regarding budaya couple that runs rampant in my life whether I choose to ignore it or not. And it's annoying how it ends up inside my brain.

These questions are for the ladies to answer regarding their relationship:

Kenapa perlu pegang tangan?

Kenapa perlu peluk? 

Kenapa perlu cium?

gila jeles ngan sheep nie
nyah kamu dari sini!

Kenapa perlu bagi gambar tak bertudung kat lelaki? 

Kenapa bagi hati kita dgn sewenang-wenangnya kat lelaki? 

Kenapa perempuan tak reti jaga maruah sendiri? Why point your finger to men when something is amiss?


Sila jawab sendiri semua soalan di atas.
Ask yourself why?
Does any of the act brings any benefit to you?
Put religion aside, I know you know it's wrong, but try to think rationally. 
It's for your own sake anyway. 
I x rugi apa-apa pun :p 

Dalam relationship tu biarlah bersederhana, kan benda yg sederhana tu baik. Tak payah nak terover-over and tak yah nak terhegeh-hegeh kat lelaki. Tak kan time couple nak bagi semua kat bf, reserve lah sikit tok husband. Eh, cam pelik je bunyi ni? Haha kesian husband :p sepatutnya bagi sikit kat bf, segalanya tok suami :) baru betul! hehe

Babe, if he doesn’t appreciate you, don’t even bother. 
Banyak lagi kumbang kat taman. kan kan? :D
You're just wasting your money (especially credit), time and energy...

Lebih baik guna masa,duit n energy tu untuk layan Onew, SHINee, Naruto, One Piece, blogging, reading, stalking? :p 

Wahhh, I rarely talk about serious issue. I deleted a lot because I wanted a santai approach to make people think, not me trying to act nice by preaching.

Thanks for reading!
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Newbie: Ice Skating :) (Part 1)

Hello! :)
Last Friday, I went out with my primary school friends: Rahmah n Aisyah.
Venue: Sunway Pyramid

We went to eat at Ayam Penyet Ekpress.

Me with Lele Penyet and Strawberry blended

Aisyah n Rahmah

Rahmah n Iszati

One way ticket to ice skate
~weeeeeee...! :)
to anyone who's wandering, the ticket is RM25, sock RM5 and hand sock RM8.
So, bring ur own sock from tesco which only cost 99sen :p 

I'm sooooo excited!
It's my 1st time ice skating! :D

On ice skating rink 
Dilarang bawa handphone ya pak :p

Aisyah yg expert ice skating
bcs she plays roller blade

Time out!

Don't you love meeting random cute guy?

I was skating and I fell down (countless of times on my butt). I was getting up... Suddenly, a guy came and held his hand to help me get up. I was like isn't this the cute checkered guy that I saw earlier while ice skating. Lambat sikit otak nk process. haha i sebenarnye dah usha die terlebih dulu. haha he's tall, transparent braces, wore an inner white tee n blue long sleeve checker shirt. Checkered shirt n braces is so cute! 

I wanted to take his hand 


The 1st thing that pops into my mind was a flashback of him with his girlfriend huhu Hurm.. How I should I say it.. tak nak bahagia dengan merampas kebahagiaan org lain Haha gila advance microchip inside this brain of mine ;p Plus, I dh separuh jalan of getting up lagipun, tinggal nak bangun je, x kan nk berpura2 jatuh plak
 -____________-" Fail betul la bab nak pura-pura jadi damsel in distress nie

All this happens in a few nano second haha how amazing rite? Kalah intel microchip
So I didn't accept his hand. Malu la... haha
My sis ckp I shud just see it as an offer for help. I yang lebih2 fikir :p

After my 2nd break, I saw that the girl is actually her sister! Aishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... Tambah jerawat sbb stress tak tentu pasal :p
Malas nak cite panjang bab nie :)

So cute! haha

My newly bought geek speck!
but it's too huge for my face

Aisyah with her sunnies
musykil saya time bila die amik nie ;p

My 1st time ice skating was fun! :)
Even though I went completely hysterical first time menjejakkan kaki di ice skating rink. Cheh.. Habis imej macho saya :p haha I learned that u must have courage in overcoming new challenges; falling is the process of learning :) Betul kan!

Thank u Rahmah n Aisyah sensei for teaching me :) 

Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Onew :)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet;
And so are you.

Hello! :) 
The poem is one of my favourite, simple yet so sweet ;)
When I'm feeling sad one of the things that I'll do is visit my fav website
It's Onew's tumblr fan site
My source of most his picture, credits to them.

Who is Onew?
He's one of the members of Shinee :) senang cite korg google jelah :p

Minho, Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun n Key
This is taken when they were meeting with the 
President of North Korea! :D
So cool rite! ;)
They were chosen as the favourite idol among
team bola sepak negara perempuan

this is my Onew
He looks really adorable in yellow! 

His favourite colour is yellow
He absolutely love chicken :) 
He's younger than me, so he shud call me Iszati Noona hahaha n disambung dgn noona you're so pretty! 
>.< haha that's the tittle of their first single fyi

Sepet! :)

Looking so ever adorable

I love candid picture of him

Not to mention Selcam 

Looking afar look! :)

Piggy back ride!

and some shawol had cartoonised the piggy back ride
How nice! ;)

Sooo Adorkable! :)
Which is a fusion of adorable + dorky

Dear Onew,
let me be the SUN that SHINES ur day! :)

Mama: Buat apa lah korang suka org yg x bersunat nieee...
Iszati: Alaaaaaaaaaa............. bknnye nk kahwin pun
(sebenarnye tak akan dapat huhu)

I don't care
I still like him nevertheless!
Cartoon Onew is adorable  
Me Love Onew!

Thanks for reading!