Monday, June 6, 2011

You stink! :/

Assalamualaikum & Hello! :)
Today's question is if one of your friend have very bad body odour as if he doesn't know what deodorant stands for. What would you do?

 a) Give him deodorant as birthday present
 b) Say he smells to others but does nothing to help
 c) March right up to him, say he smells and go use a deodorant.

Which answer did you pick?
Are you type A who impliedly type tells that you stink and impliedly suggest you use deodorant.
Are you type B who does nothing to help.
Are you type C who directly tells that you stink and go use a freaking deodorant.

It happened during one of our subject sports carnival in sem 1, was it perkasa? Seriously, I can't remember
I was sitting with my friend, then my guy friend came to talk to us.
Owh boy, how he smells! -______________-"
When he wasn't looking we were exchanging glances that painfully shows that he smell. Thank god, my smelling senses is not that good, so the real smell was maybe divided by 2.

When he left, of course the pisang goreng panas topic was that he stinks! :/
Even though, I'm not really that close to him, I felt sorry that not only me and my friend were talking behind his back, of course others would talk about it too. As a friend, I had the responsibility to tell him that his body stinks and I don't want people to talk behind his back.

So, this lead back to the question of what would you do?
I picked answer C, I would directly tell him that his body smell and go use a freaking deodorant.

Actually, I texted him about it since we never talk on the phone.
I told him
1) tolong pakai deodarant
2) cabut bulu hidung ko blh nmpk dowh
3) potong rambut ko
More or less like that or was it something harsher? :/

I'm sorry, I just can't stand messy guys. It bugs me.
If I were to pick answer A, it would just be a complicated process.
I dislike complicated things, life should be simple rite? ;)

Much much later, a friend of him which is also a friend of mine told that he was shocked to received the truth/advice/word of concern from me -____________-"

Owh swell, whateveeeeer.....
At least he gets my point :/

On a happier note, I officially made sushi with my sis, Ibah! :) tehehe
We did classic crab and cucumber sushi :) yum yum yum :)
(photo will be uploaded soon)

Thanks for reading! :)