Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Honestly, I don't read local books.
Except for Lawak Kampus.
I have all of them including the special edition.

I've always wanted to support the local scene,
but couldn't due to the local market only caters to love genre.
Adam dan Hawa, Playboy itu Suamiku, Suamiku Autistik, to name a few.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with that.

I've heard Ramlee Awang Murshid does thriller,
but I'm not a fan of that genre as well.


How and Why?
KL Noir Red was in the top 10 bestsellers for local in MPH.
Why not?

There are 16 short stories.

My top 3 would be:

1) The Runner
     About a high school girl who wanted to make quick money by working part time at an internet cafe. 
     However, she succumbed to the temptation of making fast money by selling forbidden drugs.

2) Asian Angel

     A popular female singer who had attacked his husband's mistress with her Chanel handbag.
     But is she?
     Will it be too late before the truth is unfold?

3) The Machete and Me
     The heroin had inherited saka which will eventually destroy her.

In a nutshell,
I'm crazy for other KL NOIR series ;)
Totally worth your money.
It's not that expensive, only RM19.00

let's support our local production.
You can follow their production at instagram: @bukufixi

Thanks for reading!
I am currently writing in basic english 
since I haven't write for a long time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Afgan Live to Love Concert 28 March 2014 Istana Budaya


Hehe boleh tak nak pilih baju apa nak jumpa afgan pun boleh pening :p Yelah, I have to look my best macam nak pergi dating jugak kan. Dating dengan kekasih hati ku Afgan. Okay I better stop myself dari merepek haha So last month I did some shopping particularly for my afgan date. Siap beli baju couple outfit with my sis ibah hehe so I was down to 2 choices.

 sweet lady or rocker chic

I WhatsApp-ed a lot of people to ask for opinions. Haha sorry and thank you :p All voted for sweet lady haha (very rare) I'm more of a tomboyish btw.

So I wore navy blouse skirt, white flowery top and flower pattern scarf with a hint of orange.

After work

Zoom zoom as fast as I can from work at 5.30 pm. Arrived at home, took a quick shower and changed to my outfit. I even barged into the house and half screamed "Aimannnn hantar kak isz to lrt!". Rupanya ada kawan aiman around 4 people in the living room. No time to be embarrassed! >.< Since diana is waiting for me at Ampang Park LRT station. I end up driving myself to the LRT. I even missed a station because I was too short amidst a lot of tall people to see the Ampang Park signboard. Finally, I arrived at 6.30 pm. Sorry dee you had to wait for an hour >. <

Then we straight ahead went to Istana Budaya, which was nearby. Luckily, the traffic was light. We had our lunch at the canteen because Dee and I was hungry as hell sebab tak makan nak rushing punya pasal. The nasi lemak there were quite good. Tak ada selera nak makan sebab excited nak jumpa afgan :p Me and Dee ran out of topic nak borak and gossip sebab dari A sampai Z pasal Afgan dah khatam haha We went to the surau at 7.45 pm for solat maghrib. The surau was clean and comfy :) You shouldn't have any worries about performing your prayers here.

ootd and tickets

Went in the auditorium around 8.30 pm. Was waiting anxiously but they announced they were going to start late. It started at 9.15 pm Penantian itu satu penyiksaan :(

Afgan where are you? hehe
We are dying for you to come out!

dibs, anaz and sab

Dee setiap kali ada orang dekat backstage je cakap die afgan. Haha then I was like dee ko tu rabun lah. haha All I can see is uncle botak zzzzzz Then katakan tidak music started playing. Me and the audiences Sreammmmed!!!!  He said What's up Malaysia and the crowd went wild (again).

Oh myyy he's so handsome in real life 

I analyzed everything about him haha
That's what girls do, from head to toe :p

                               Perfect Dimples                                                                    check!
                               Perfect Specs                                                                       check!
                               Perfect Hair                                                                         check!
                               A bit of beard below and few pinkish pimple                           awwww
                               Who knew pimples could be so cute!                                      haha
                               Great teeth even if it's not I-wore-braces-perfect-teeth       ommooooo          ..
                               Much much much better in real life!

katakan tidak

Actually, katakan tidak is not one of my favourite song but after seeing him singing it live, I totally love it. It's such a groovy song. ~~Woohhoo Then he remix it with Daft Punk: Get Lucky. Oh yeah I have to add that we were sitting in front of a speaker. Kuat gila okayyyy boleh jadi separuh pekak haha tapi inilah pengorbanan duduk depan stage haha Yang penting Afgan di depan mata! hahaha

Sebelah je uoolsss haha


He was sitting at the stairs next to me and Dee!!! haha
My god, boleh nampak dimples die *dies*
I managed to make a small heart to him :p when we made eye contact haha
Tak sempat nak buat wink wink ;p 
Even Diana yang dekat sebelah pun excited sebab afgan buat eye contact time nyanyi haha

Sebelum nyanyi lagu Jodoh Pasti Bertemu, Afgan tanya "Siapa yang single?" haha semua menjerit mengaku single. Ambooiii :p My 2nd favourite song! ;) 

Enjoying ourselves

I was determined to take a selca
I have been to Bahayanya Wanita theater in Istana Budaya before, and sat at the same seat which is the most strategic since they will walk through there more often than the left side. I was holding my phone ready for action anytime. haha crazy woman I know. I knew my chances were 70% You know when you stop at the traffic light you put your gear to neutral and pull your hand brake, yeah I was just holding on to the pedal brake because if I see a green light I would accelerate! haha  


He offered me/audiences to go onstage while looking at me (forgive my perasanness) so I pecut bangun and then I thought it was a mistake, so I almost sat back and then he called me back up (using hand gesture) hohoho apalagi, terus pecut naik tangga naik stage haha (suka lettew)

He gave his mic for me to sing but I was too starstruck I can't recall the song at all! Blank betul! I asked him what song is it (music had started)  hahaha I asked him "lagu apa ini?" tibe-tibe keluar slang indon haha He just shook his head and said lagu inilah, asking me to sing! omg so cheeky and I could see his dimples hahahahha rasa mcm nak cubit je pipi die hahaha 

It felt like I was foreverrrrr onstage and why am I singing?

I just want to focus on his face haha suara katak okayyy People paid money to hear Afgan sing, not some radom girl. I tried to pass the mic to him but he just let me carry on singing Bukan cinta biasa T_____T 

Without wasting any time, I took out my phone to fulfill my mission: selfie with afgan 

Sumpah tak nak keluar dari Istana Budaya selagi tak dapat selfie haha
Me being the usual shortie, since my right hand was holding the mic (can anyone tell me why am I singing again) and my left hand holding my phone so I struggled to get a full picture. 
He took the phone and voilaa I got my epic selfie hahaha

he made that face and I just followed him ;)
he's so cute kan haha

Then he took the mic back (thank god!), took my hand and serenade to me and I was singing along while looking at his eyes *cairrrrrrr* *meltingggg* I was smiling 50cm wide hahaha I guess I was that happy! kalau boleh nak senyum sampai 80cm haha

Then he kinda showed the crowd that I was good or something, so I just followed him and wave at the crowd :p Stage fright? haha hell no! I don't even know what I was doing. He did various hand gesture so that I can sing along with him. Meanwhile, I really wanted to do something for him so I made a love hand shape!
 ~saranghaeyoooo!! ;) ahahaha I couldn't let go of the chance to tell I love/crazy/obsess him haha Of course Afgan send back his love! :p haha

Don't ask me how much I repeat this vid :p
Thanks Diana for reminding dibs to take the video and thanks dibs for taking the vid!
I love you guys so much! haha


While waiting for my sis and her friends, a girl in black came and said I was lucky to be onstage haha yeah I know ;) Menyesal tak bawa dslr kalau tak boleh dapat high quality picture since I remembered Istana Budaya used to be strict but maybe not for concert. Diana cakap bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada. Baik cikgu! haha

Asap keluar Istana Budaya I instagrammed my selfie :p Diana and Ibah tolong came up with the most suitable caption, since I don't express myself too well. Sebagai perempuan wajib untuk recap semula apa yang terjadi dan salah satu nya adalah watching the video in the car and menjerit macam orang gila.

This is especially dedicated to Afgan from my favourite song, Panah Asmara:

Sungguh aku telah tergoda saat kau dekat denganku
Hanya kau yang membuatku begini

Melepas panah asmara

Thanks for reading!
you Afgan!
ps: I went crazy sampai boleh lupa kereta tinggal dekat lrt station
(Diana send me back home, thanks!)