Monday, September 28, 2009

In The End

I realized I lost you when I kissed you for the last time.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pre-raya sindrom

This makes me cry (almost)

This brings back the old memories
of beraya di kampung
When we play all day

This is funny

"Daging, hati, limpa semua ada mak."

I'm off to do my last bit of raya shopping tomorrow,
See you soon.

Instead of waiting I'll just post it myself

Hello hello!
My mom is picking up my Sakinah and Aiman from school.
Less dominance on the internet for me, but what the heck, it's been a long time :)

I don't know how my lecturer managed to summarized a whole book into a 4 hour lecture!

Revising of it has taken many hourssssss
until I got tired of it.

So, I'll just do my take-home test first which is harder than the real test :/ or I'll just take a look at past year exam. paper.

Oh, I viewed this at youtube. Hilarious! :D

I told you it was funny!
My favourite part is when he puffs his pillow and singing a lullaby
He hits the bed's besi (I don't know what it is call)
Happen to me twice.
Poor Donald Duck


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adikku pandai meng-type text message

His 1st text message:

K iz kata balik pukul 3 tapi
tabalik2 adik

His 2nd text message:

K iz padan muka tulah panggil
lagi adik joyah

Haha. Cute but super annoying at the same time.
The 1st text, I only read at 2.55 pm, when I already arrived home but didn't get the chance to went inside.
Mama: Kak isz x baca msg?
Kak Isz: Kenapa plak?
Mama: Adik msg. Dia tunggu kak isz reply. Reply la.
Kak Isz: OK OK
(I silent my hp because I have a class before this)
I replied and saw him chasing for my mom's phone for the reply.
Jangan berprasangka baik! He only wants to play the internet and I don't really like it when he kiss my arms 3 times, hugs are okay :/

The 2nd text is because he got scolded by my dad for calling me Mak Joyah :P Actually I was the one who called him Joyah. :PP Of course I had to back up my little bro even if it means I'll get scolded too, which I did.

Annoying but cute.

Ice Queen

I'm at the library (PTAR2),
To the extend that when I texted messages, my fingers were numb.
After a few days struggling to even study for my MLS test, I just need a few minutes of break.
Of course I'm not eating Kit-Kat right now, puasalah! Blogging really helps to soothe it out. The library at last blocked facebook. Gezzzzz, I am about to revise again till the test start.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tu Amour :)

I love my new layout and I changed the title.
I gtg.
I need to perform my Asar and help my mom in preparation for buka puasa.
Tonight I have to overall revise my MLS study.
My MLS test is tomorrow!
Wish me luck. :)

Bye now.

Goodbye Miss Spender! :)

Here is how I save money:
  1. Only spend extra money. Right now it’s only RM150 (excluding money inside my wallet). For example, RM 100 is for my Crocs Lily LJ Plaid and keep the extra RM50 in savings ATM card.
  2. For every money you receive, spend half and save half. Very easy eh but very hard to do. I intend to use half of my duit raya for shopping and insert the other half in my saving account :)) and even my upcoming ptptn loan.
  3. Have 2 different types of ATM card. One for savings and other for spending B)

    My maybank is for savings and my Bank Islam is for spending. The purpose is to keep track of your money spending. Only shop using your spending ATM card and buy the necessity using your savings card such as law textbook.

  4. Buy only what you NEED. Differentiate needs and wants. My ultimate need now is

Black Pants! :D

My last black pants was when I’m in Form 4 -_____________________-“

5. I’ll change my bank account from Maybank to ASB. My mom says the dividen is much

higher :))

6. Check out how to make S.M.A.R.T. goal for your financial needs. Click here

How about spending money? hehe That is woman's second nature after all :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kuih Sepang, Buah Rambai and Ikan Sembilang

Yummy :)

Spot where's mine?

Negeri Sembilan delicacy
Ikan Sembilang Salai Cili Api

Buah Rambai

My wan :)
Me and Ibah helped.
Now, my dad expects me to make Kuih Sepang.
Biar betul!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Oh Happy Boithday!


Diana and Mardiah

Muka Diana tak bleh Bla!
Diana: Birthday ak 3 bln lepas la.
Me: Oh, ye ke. (Whateverla! :P)

Diyana Mardiah does not exist as far as I know.
I told them to write Diana & Mardiah

Clockwise from left: Husna Banana, Diana Si Gemok, Mar, Me, Dayah and Nanie.

Left to right: Diana Si Gemok, Mimie Mimobot; Mardiah and me :0
Semua berbaju kurung except Mimie. Chewah!
HAHA bajet gile.. It was because we went out after our friday class.
80% of the time we were stared at. ;O

Sorry we celebrated it a bit late, it was hard
as everybody is not living together like in the asrama years.