Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I want a real job with a real pay

Assalamulaikum and Hello!

Seriously, I just cant wait for another 8 months.


Before that, for those who are not familiar with the legal profession, I will explain it. After graduating with my Bachelors in Law which is a professional degree, I have to undergo 9 months of pupillage to be admitted to the bar. 

We don't get paid since it is not a job because you are actually a student learning at firm. You are in a learning process for 9 months with your master from the firm. Understand? This is because many people could not differentiate between chambering student and lawyer. We have not yet become lawyer. 

FYI, for different state, the range of allowance is different. Kuala Lumpur has the highest rate at RM1500-1800 per month while others such as Shah Alam at RM800-1000 and Kedah at RM500. This is inclusive of the filing and various fees that we have to do within that period time. We have to apply to court, attend talks, compulsory legal aids and many more.

I did 4 days at a firm at Kuala Lumpur but the cost was too high for me who was residing in Petaling Jaya. Then I changed to a firm in PJ, nearer to home.

I accept the fact that you are a student with an allowance and I have no complaints.

But I am so jelly (slang for jealous) with my friends who has a real job! :(
Especially those who travels a lot!
My aunt who went to Bangkok -> Penang -> Bali -> Laos
My friend who went to Bali for one week holiday.
Don't even mention about shopping. It will just make me more depressed! :(
Me No Shopping! :(

I want a real job with a real pay *sighs*

On a side note, I just have to remind myself that 9 months is just a short period of time compared to what I will get which is my lawyer practicing certificate.

Okay, enough with my rants :)
It's just that I need to motivate myself. It's just a small obstacle that I can overcome! :)

Thanks for reading!