Thursday, August 20, 2009

You know who you are

Good luck for your
wish you the best...
Baca doa banyak-banyak.
Jangan tak makan (sahur tau :/)
Jangan tak cukup tidur...
I loveeee U!
I am so sorry that lately my post is written like shit. Time was not on my side (I assume or an excuse). And I'm sorry I haven't read my freinds's blog. I just need to renovate this blog for awhile.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life is never fair

You know what, i'd JUST PREFER if lecturer don't cancel the class especially last minute. Due to a postponed class, we're having our test this freaking friday night. My family will already be in negeri sembilan ;( How unfair! Not to mention, all my family members will be there: Papa, Mama, Ibah, Kinah, Aiman & Idris. Huhuhu. My dad wants me to stay at my nenek's house at KL. But it won't be the same...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I hate u, did u get that?

Omgosh! I'll be having my mandarin quiz at 4 but I haven't read a single haprak... I don't feel like it though.. Don't know what's wrong with me. Feel like sitting at the back of the class and pray that sir will ignore. Not to mention, I haven't finish my homework. Mandarin is the only subject that I dislike. Urghh. >;( I have to read of course, no choice ma... 1 1/2 hour left for me. Shit.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

I’m not sure why but I have this uneasiness feeling inside me. And I intend to get rid of it.

I’ve been dealing with lots of guilt which breeds into depression lately. Much had to do with studying for contract and low self-confidence. Normal I guess. What the heck. I need to let go of this bad energy inside me, what more than shopping! OMG, it’s as easy as A B C, as simple as DO RE MI. I’m such a genius. Hehe.

Where to shop eh. I’ve been to OU last Friday with Mar, Nanie and Dayah, but there was no shopping there… -_______________-“ And I’ve been wanting this polka dots scarf and owl necklace since FOREVER! I told my mom this morning I’ve gone crazy just thinking about those 2 things that is not mine, yet. Urgghhhhh… It’s driving me nuts! NUTS!


Just want to say:

Happy Birthday Mardiah!

You were born in Malaysia,

With the Malays, Chinese and Indians,

Happy Birthday to you!

I’ve decided to pick KL instead of OU. For the obvious reason: to hunt for some nice CHEAP selendang. Go figure! *mata berguling* Good news: I’ve just check my account book, and my salary had been cashed in! Woohoo! Bad news: Mine is Yippie account (for minor) and I can’t take my money out unless I’m accompanied by my guardian, my mother. Woopoo! Bad/good news(I’m not sure): My parents say I should keep my money and not use a ringgit of it, since it was my hard-earned money. No sweat!

I only took 1 day off from the entire 28 days of working. Gila kan! I did it secara sukarela lah :P Supervisor: “Zati nak cuti hari apa?”. Me: “Tak yah cuti lah, bukannya buat apa-apa pown.”… Padan muka hang! I was a part-time worker who did full-time work. On weekdays, it’s 10am till 6/7pm and on weekends 10am till 10pm. Fuuyoh, gila bapak penat! I did fall sick sebab kerja non-stop until week 2 and it was on my 1 day holiday. Woopoo! -_________-" Of course, it didn’t stop me from watching Transformers Revenge of The Fallen with my mom and Ibah. Even though my dad insisted I should rest the whole day. Yeah right! :P

I had a lot of fun working though, made new friends, adapted (quite well?) with the environment and getting money is bloody hard! I learned the value of money, which I was ignorant before. I think I deserve to say that every RM1 is equivalent to 15 minutes of me working as a promoter. Penat dowh! Even spending RM1 is such a big deal now! -____________-“

I can’t wait to go shopping tomorrow! Woohoo! :9 I’ve already made a list: 2 selendang, 1 neklace and a bright coloured long-sleeve. A reasonable list don’t ya think? My budget is RM100 and less. Can’t wait! ~weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I gotta start studying though, if I ever intend to finish my 2 weeks of contract work.

See ya around!