Friday, December 17, 2010

What do Girls keep in their HANDBAG?

  • Mr Gila Bleach: Hp, tisu, wallet, cermin, lipstick, bedak, minyak wangi, pad, panty liner, hand sanitizer, lotion, payung.

  • Mr Berkaca Mata: Hmmm. Logik kan perempuan mesti ade make up, yg simple2 mcm compact powder dan lip ice . Then ade hp, perfume, duit sket. Hahaha. Btol x? Kdg2 ade gula2 sket. Tp bg pompuan2 tertentu, mesti ade tisu. X pun kapas lembap. Auwww.

  • Mr 14-year-old: Haha.fon, bg duet, dll. tisu, lipbum, pet, brang makeup, bnyk lgy.

  • Mr my related brother: Bleh dikatakan sume bnda ade.. mak n bpak je kot yg xde dlm hndbag pmpuan ni..hehe..

  • Mr Alexander: It dpends. Purse, hp, cmpct powder, lip gloss/balm/stick, tissue, and mayb moisturize. If she's an it gadget, add up ipod/mp3/mp4 n digi cam. If tgh period ir nk dkat period, got pad. N if ada car/bike, got keys. N also house key.

  • Mr Zuzut: Cosmetics, perfume, choc, pad, comb, camera n etc. Lalala.


Purse, hp, make up bag: foundation, concealer, brush, blusher, lipbalm, lipstick, lipgloss, tisu, pocket notebook, pen, house key and car key.

Mr Gila Bleach:
Oh byk gak ye. hehe. patutla aku tgk muka berseri je.
pakai make up tebal rupanya. haha


Mine's not much,

Friday, September 24, 2010

Haru Biru

Hello! :)
With so much work to do that's due next week,
I just want to say:

Its kinda fun to do the impossible - Walt Disney

I can't wait to hit the hay but I'm still uploading the Gumiho's revenge at mysoju :)
Oyasumi! :)

Ps: Raya pictures soon to be uploaded

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pc Fair and Shawl

Hi! :)
Let's skip the part where I say it's been zillion years since I update my blog.
However, I want to thank YOU for reading even when I haven't updated :)

I've been wanting to buy an external hard disk since my laptop had gone bloody slow and I was afraid it might collapse due to over capacity. Who knows?

Me and Mardiah waited for the right time to buy and that's when the pc fair comes in. hehe.

To cut the story short;
Yesterday we went to the pc fair in klcc to hunt for the externals.

I bought:
1. Blue Samsung 500 giga byte external hard disk
2. Goten 4 giga byte pendrive for my brother (Goten from Dragon Ball as birthday present)
3. Leopard laptop skin (adorable! hehe)


lots lots lots of shawl at Jalan TAR

I beam myself to sleep

Friday, May 21, 2010

I love me books :)

Hello! :)
I've decided to have a book reading journal. Which means I will write down the book that I had read and maybe a few comments on them. I will start from the book that I read during this semester break :) I'm aiming for a 100 book! Wish me luck and not to lose faith! ;) If you have recommendations please let me know! :)

1. Percy Jackson 2: The Sea Monster by Rick Riordan


It's not as good as the Lightning Thief but it's not bad either.

Remember Grover from the Lightning thief movie?
Yeah, he's in danger and Percy and his friends
went with a quest to save him and to find the golden fleece.
Remember when Percy mom wanted to enter camp-half-blood but she can't?
The Thalia tree prevents monster and mortal from entering.
Now the tree is dying and monster can attack camp more easily.
Only the golden fleece can help the Thalia tree.

A must buy if you like Percy Jackson! ;)

2. Percy Jackson 3: The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan

Very good!

Percy secretly follows his friends quest
due to some difficulty.
I can't tell you much without giving out
spoiler from booh 2 ;)

Stack it! :O

3. Percy Jackson 4: The battle of the Labyrinth



Much better than the previous 3 books.
It glued me to the sofa
and to flip the page as fast as I can.

Here, the evil side will invade camp-half blood by going inside
of the came rather from coming outside since it is protected by the golden fleece.
The only way to do that is through the Labyrinth where
one of the entrance leads to camp-half-blood.

A must buy!

4. Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Very good!
Just 2 word: It's crazy! @____________@

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.'

Can you make out what the 1st paragraph of the poem?
I can't! ;(
Apa la makhluk nie nk cakap?...
Tak faham saya

This is a sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,
this time she pass through a mirror and enters a looking-glass world.
So which means everything works backward.

Buy if you want I won't pressure you

The Last Song

5. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Very good!

The storyline is simple but everyone who have a father can relate to it.
Ronnie (Miley Cyrus) and his brother was forced to spent the summer their dad.
She had been ignoring him for 3 years because she was mad at him for leaving.
They eventually were on good terms and eventually she found out that
her dad have cancer and only months to live.

Omg! I cried reading it. Especially when
she reads back the letter her dad give her for the past 3 years
and the time that she ignored him for 3 years.

A must read! :)

Thanks for reading!
Gudbye :)

There's always a rainbow after the rain :)

Hello! :)

Once upon a time, a girl bought 3 for the price of 2 Judith McNaught books. She bought 3 (obviously). She was never the same again after that incident. She would always bursting laughing out of the sudden to herself no matter what the time was; morning, afternoon, evening or midnight and even when only the owl was awake. She was clearly possessed by the book. What was worse was when she had finished the book. She went hysteric for more.

To make the story short I had to drive her to One Utama to buy her more Judith McNaught books. ;p Actually I was also dying to get my hands on Percy Jackson 4 and 5. Teehee :) We made a deal that I drive and she calls my mom for permission. Lucky for her she had the books that she's dying for at 3 for 2 offer. Mine wasn't. Who cares? As long as both of them are available I'm happier that the cow who jump over the moon. Mooooo...

I park my car at the roofless parking lot opposite the New Wing. The last time I park indoor it cost me RM9! NO WAY MAN! I'd rather buy myself a Pokemon manga which cost only RM6.50! Jeeezzz..


One of my favourite places :) It's comfy and there's a lot of book. Do you need any more reason? :)

I went straight to the teen fantasy section at the 2nd level which I knew so well while my sis went to the 3 for 2 section at the 1st level. I grab both of the Percy Jackson books and went on to search for other fantasy books to devote myself to.

So I went to level 1 again to browse the fantasy section. Unlike the teen fantasy section, most of the books there was unrecognizable except Narnia and Lord of the Ring. Which I already have. Hurmm.. So I browse there for about 2 hours. Wahhhh, so long ma... hehe.. Since I didn't know most of the writers I had to read each book synopsis at the back 1 by 1. After a while I chose 3 books but I couldn't decide which to pick so I just brought them along before I made my decision.

There was a table laid out for classic books. I had to say I have most of them which sadly only few had made it to my current reading list. I buy them because they're famous and they withstand the tide of time till today such as Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Frankenstein, Treasure Island, etc. In addition they're super cheap, RM9.90 per book. How can I resist the temptation?? I chose The Secret Garden :) I read it once, it was the librarys' and I like it really really much :) I just had to have the book!

I had a huge problem then in deciding which among the 3 should I pick. So I head over to the flat screen computer which runs the MPH online. I wanted to know more about the books as they were aliens to me. I was minding my own business when one of the employees ask me what was I looking for. I was quite shock. I mean it's different between an apparel store than a bookstore. You have a promoter at Dorothy Perkins but you don't have one at MPH. None of the employees bothers and stares at you at a bookstore. I like it that way better.

My first thought was okayyy... As expected as usual ;p I answered yes and it was actually a no answer, since the books that I was searching for was next to me. I thought he would leave me alone but he didn't. I made assumptions he looks like a newbie, you know how they can be so excited of customers and something to do before getting bored doing it and he was kinda cute in a friendly way. He help me to find the information regarding the books but it was to no avail. He admitted he didn't actually know how to find the information in other ways. Ahhhh, I was right about the newbie part. What a sheer genius I am ;p

Based on my instinct I decided to plunge in deeper with The Legend of Drizzt Book 1: Homeland. I had decided about the book at its original shelve when he suddenly came to me again -__________-" I thought it was best to do some background research on the books at the internet to avoid unnecessary spending. But he had to prove I'm wrong :/ So he went to promote that the books comes in a set. He showed me sets of Book 1-3, book 4-8, book 9-13. I was like 13 books for a series!!!!! :/ Gila Banyak! I can die man. He was so enthusiastic promoting the books that I didn't have the heart to not buy the book :/ One of my weakness I guess. But I did buy the book with hati yg terbuka ;D Due to the fact that I google a review on the book and they say it's good. So why not?

At last we paid for 4 books and my sis 6. I bought 2 Percy Jackson, The Legend of Drizzt Book 1: Homeland and The Secret Garden; and Ibah bought 6 Judith McNaught :) Yeah! We get what we came for :)

We were hungry and I wanted takoyaki. Yum Yum Yum! There's a takoyaki shop nearby but there's no Halal certificate so we went to Jusco to have them yummy round balls. They're made by Malay employees so rasa macam selamat untuk dimakan. We bought 1 set of ham and cheese takoyaki (gosh! I'm hungy again! ;p). We also bought varieties of sushi. Me love sushi! <3 class="Apple-style-span" style="color: rgb(143, 66, 173); ">Teh Tarikand Ibah Teh O Ais.

After making my way out One Utama we stop by at Ibah's friend house, Sabrina at TTDI to give her Ibah's chemistry book. They took their time talking animatedly as they hadn't seen each other for a long time. With nothing to do I went to inspect my dearest Percy Jackson books. I wanted to unwrap them. Then I realized one of the cover looks familiar. Then I realized for a split second that I FREAKING already have that book! arghhhhhhhhhhh... Noooo...... It was volume 3 which I read last week. How can I forgot?!

We had to go back to MPH. We had to or I'll die of depression. I need to exchange it for book 5. Gosh, One Utama again -__________________-" Anything for my dearest Percy Jackson.

There, I was mortified that there's no Percy Jackson 5. S**t! D: I was soo unhappy. What can I do?? It's beyond my power. So I exchange it for The Legend of Drizzt Book 2: Exile. I hope the series is good. Sigh.

I wouldn't give up on my baby Percy Jackson 5 so I head off to the end of One Utama for Popular bookstore.Jauhnyeeee nk jln... Knowing myself I'll buy the book sooner or later. Better get it now.


It's the same case. Percy Jackson 5 was out of stock or maybe they're hiding it from me. Who knows? Dengki dowh!
I found Pendragon 10!
Soldiers of Halla

Okay, I don't even know what OZMG stands for ;p The book that I've waited for all my life, the last book to my ALL-TIME-FAVOURITE Pendragon series. I have it at lastttttt! It's like I found the last piece of a Pigsaw Puzzle! ;) You get what I mean. I can do a panda dance right there right then B)

On a side note:
At MPH, when I went to search for my sis and found her sitting at the vampire section. She was leaning against the window nest to the Darren Shan book shelve while reading a book. Thought she was reading Circue De Freak but she was reading a book on Robert Pattison -____________ -" What's with that Edward boy?? -______________-" I just don't get it.

Gosh! This is such a long post :)
Thanks for reading nevertheless.
Hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nak jogging ptg nie tp cam nk hujan je :P

Aiman & Idris
Monkenying around

Looks as if
both my brother is singing baby
while harassing Sakinah

Me & Sakinah
We have similar traits
Can you spot it?

Idris, my mom & Aiman.

Yesterday, we went to rescue Sakinah and Aiman from total boredom of boarding school in Negeri Sembilan. Fyi, they went to different boarding school. I slept most of the time in the car ;) Adibah sangap with her Judith McNaught book and Idris singing to the radio.

It was fun! :)

ps: I'm updating lazily

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A day out

Hello! :)
I'm soo freaking tired, I think I'm gonna sleep early.
Went out with Ibah today.
I had to bribed to buy her lunch just to make her come.
We had teppanyaki.
I had beef while she had chicken.
I love red juicy meat!
and Fuji Snow! :)
Gosh, I've ate 3 times at Teppanyaki for the last few months.
I will never eat Teppanyaki again for the year!

Spent a lot of time at MPH :)
Bought Percy Jackson 3: The Titan's Curse, the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien, Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Caroll and Cookie Creation :)

We also watched Robin Hood
The main actor and actress are Russel Crowe and Cate Blanchett.
The movie was good!
Good action and good storyline.
If you expect Robin Hood to steal from the rich
It is not, it tells before he became Robin Hood.

I also went around to look for job vacancy.
There's a lot of shop which offers various position.
I think I'll just work at Marks & Spencer...

For now,
All I want to do is watch Merlin at youtube.
Go Merlin! :) and I love you Arthur! :)

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mengantuk dowh!

Saya tak suka lelaki:

hisap rokok depan org
Tau tak nape kitorang ak hisap rokok?
sebab kitorang nak jaga kesihatan
yang ko pandai2 hisap rokok depan kitrg
tau tak asap rokok yg di-inhale 2nd smoker(kitrg) lg berbahaya dari apa 1st smoker (korg)
tolonglah pikir!

rambut panjang dan botak
rambut panjang sebab tak kemas
botak sebab tak ada rambut
aku suka ada rambut okay
lagi sedap mata memandang
lagi sedap tangan memegang? :D

ada misai dan janggut
i like clean-shaved guys
macho gitu!

pakai lipgloss and pemerah pipi
selalunya pelakon drama
Obsesi, Remy Ishak yg macho pun dh berubah jd pondan

pakai contact lens berwarna
I actually saw one at UiTM bus, he's fair skin and wore green contact lens
buruk dowh

Nie cuma tabiat kecik je

Thursday, May 6, 2010

La La La Laaa… La, hidup harus kerja, kerja!

It's the time again where I need to find myself a job
but this time I'm working
to buy myself

These are my pictures from last semester work as a Sale Associate at Marks & Spencer One Utama. It was fun fun fun! :D

Kak J-dot and me

From left to right: Una, Kak Ida, Kak Fiza and me.

Us in the huge cosy fitting room.
(x bermaksud saya pernah cilok duduk
dlm fitting room bila saya penat)
he he he

Kak J-dot, me and Abg Daus.
Abg Daus and me both loves Dragon Ball!

Maybe after 2 weeks from today,
I'll get myself a job
but for now
Jom Kita Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Semester Break to do List

  1. Learn to make sushi. I want to be making naruto sushi! haha I wonder how does it look like?
  2. Try try try to play my guitar again. I guess I should buy myself a pick first.
  3. Read Read Read Read Read Read! :D
  4. Freaking Work to get COLD CASH!
  5. Play kite with my brothers!
  6. 100 episodes of One Piece
  7. Glee
  8. You're beautiful korean drama
  9. Merlin season 1 & 2

*Will be updated if I get any ideas
or do you have suggestions?*

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo Lover!

Hello! :)
How are you today?

My Land Law paper was... I can't recall a lot of section but I do remember the cases. Why does the National Land Code have to be so thick! Susah nak cari section yang relevant when you can't remember it :/

Gosh! All is left is my Equity & Trust paper

Did you notice the small box below my poll? It's a Formspring application. You have an account where people ask you a question and you answer.

  • My status?
  • My first crush?
  • My favourite book?
  • My bad habit?

You ask and I answer.
Ask me anything okayyyy B)
Easy Peasy Lemon Cheesy!

I gtg study E&T
till then

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Love me

Hi! :)
Gosh, I was sick for 3 days!
On the day of my Criminal Law paper and till now.
I usually get sick for 2 days, I guess my anti-body had gone weak :/

I usually don't eat my medicine,
but since I'm having my Land Law paper this Monday
I just had to endure 8 tablets of panadol activfast
but still tak makan ubat batuk & selsema :P

Rilex la bro! :D

I still hadn't read my Land Law yet!
I slept for 2 whole day.
In order to get well, you have to get enough rest.

I'll start tonight.

My go-get-yourself-something-nice-after-exam is:

1. 3 books! :)
2. charm-bracelet or necklace or ring
3. jeans (?) maybe marble jeans, acid-wash jeans or red jeans? (mcm menggedik je?)
4. any long sleeve
5. cute tee
6. flats

Rancangan sahaja :D

See u after finals!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

100 episodes of One Piece

Hello! :)
WAIT!!! Wasn't I suppose to be on hiatus??
well, I'm taking a break from my hiatus :D
(sebab diana blog, me want also! :9)

3 DOWN & 2 MORE to go!
OMG, I just can't wait for my exams to be over.

Here's a recap:
  • My Sale of Goods Act paper was a fun and challenging paper to answer! :D God knows how many hours are spent just to understand 1 section.
  • My Administrative Law paper was a pain!!!!!! I should have never let my mind off to the land of the unknown -_____________-" or skip the tutorial. Only twice okayyyy.
  • My Criminal Law paper was a-okay :) Thanks to my lecturer who made his lecture fun and my tutor as the part C was a presentation made by the other group in my class. I read their answer and I had the basic ideas. Hope I do well in this paper :O Insyallah ;)
Two more to go: Land law and Equity & Trust.

Do be a sweetheart by answering the poll on the right of the page.
Thanks! B)

I'm SUPER DUPER hungry
and I can hear lightning.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ocean Relaxing Surf

Hello! :)
Today is my last day of class.
How time flies!
gosh! It's 10.20 pm already, I'm suppose to be in bed at 10.30 pm.

I'm on hiatus till 6 May 2010.
Don't miss me okayyyy!

Wish me luck
my Final!

Till then,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What my Heart wants to say

Hello! :)
Today, I'm substituting my fast.
A direct translation of ganti puasa :D

While waiting to break fast,
I was wondering what to do with youtube.
Kes bosan!


I watched Gareth Gates!
O to the M to the G!
I miss him so much!!

He has the most angelic voice ever.
Did you know that he can't speak well?
He stammers when he speak
but he can sing!

I learned a lot of interesting topic today in my English class. It's so exciting to learn something new! They are:
  • Siesta by Alex Hakim. Which means quick nap in Latin. Is it a way to justify your siesta in Admin Law lecture? :D haha
  • Schizophrenia by Dayah. Here's a work of such brain disorder, Julian Wain, an artist, who drew cat as his subject of painting:

From very adorable

to somewhat eccentric but creative

to somewhat un-cat-recognizable
I can't find a bigger picture.

My mom: Kak isz sayang mama tak?
Me: Mama nak kak isz buat apa?

That's just me.

Here's an excerpt from one of Gareth Gates's song,
What my heart wants to say.

If the words don't come my way
Hope its still love
Hope it still shows
If the words don't come my way
Hope you still know what my heart wants to say

Hope you understands mummy!
I will always forever love you!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

On the other hand,
13 days till final!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sleeping Child

Hello! :)
I'll be doing my English outline after I finished with blogging.

During the weekend,
I learned something important.
Something that I was blind enough to see.
I was looking but I wasn't seeing.

I discovered that life has so much to offer,
so much,
there's so many thing that I can do,
I can work with,
if I give it a chance.

So many opportunities
and yet I fail to see it.
All it takes was a bit of interest to get started
and passion to keep going.


I read this from
The monk who sold the Ferrari

"If the young only knew; if the old only could"

I hope I will not be the person who realized it too late that I miss lots of opportunities.

From now on,
I will not burden myself with tomorrow's burden
and yesterday's guilt
Let's live in the moment!

Thanks for reading!

16 more days till final

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back to basic

Hye! again :D
My blog skin is too gay for you?
I know it's too much for Diana :D
I like the very adorable sun

So, it's 10.35 pm and I actually have to continue my revision of today evening Equity & Trust lecture. Since tomorrow we're having extra E&T, I might just as well add some knowledge aitee..

Why had I decided to blog again after such a long absence?
  1. I feel like my days just passed by without actually remembering what had happened
  2. What a waste if I didn't write at least something down
  3. I'm stressss because I haven't started any serious studying
  4. Gosh, I just miss expressing my thoughts with words
I was bored so I google picture Converse slip on.
Teehee ;D
They're nice, I wish I can buy a pair and never buy shoes again!
:D If only my mum will agree...
I want the navy blue! ♥

I gtg!
Thanks for reading :)
Bye bye

Love Melody

Hello! :)

21 more days till Finals!


I'll update soon but it won't be a long post.


BYE! :)

owh, expect a very gay background! teehee

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everyone have facebook

I hate Edward!

Oh boy!

Most girls have guy best friend
they totally rock!

If you don't have at least one guy as your best friend, then your missing all the fun! ;)
Most of the times they are better than your boyfriend! Bahhhhh! :D
They don't sulk with you,
they don't get mad at you,
they listen,
they make the stupidest joke,
and they're there for you always.
Like when I left my key inside my car that was locked
They came and help with their wires and spanar and all :)
Plus, they can always provide advice from the boys side
You know how complicated boys tend to be and how we can never understand them.

but the part when
they can fall in love with you
is something...


Sometimes you just don't realize it when you fall for someone.
In this case,
it can be either something
a horror!

It is sweet when he and you is single and you know each other for so long :)

It is an absolute horror when he already has a girlfriend
Tak pasal2 kene serang ngan gf die
or you just regard him as your best friend and nothing more and you don't want to lose him as your best friend.

Cherish your guy best friend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nescaffe Rush :)

Hello in greek :)
I've gone crazy with Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief!
4 star!
Even though I think the book is wayyyy better, I think your money will be well spent on it.
I could re-read the book and imagine Percy Jackson much much better now! Tehehe
He's soo cute! :)

I his eyebrow, his eyes, his smile
and his hair.

In the book, the one who is behind the stealing of Zeus lightning bolt is Kronos; Zeus, Poseidon and Hades father, the one that they cut into pieces. Apparently, God cannot die and Kronos who was thrown into a far away pit, has become stronger since then and can creeps into people dream or nightmare (can't remember) and he did that to Luke.

In addition, Luke stole the lightning bolt AND Hades's helmet of invisibility! Lagi la gempak in the book because 2 powerful god is after Percy Jackson.

Howsoever, I think the movie is the BOMB!


On a sad note,
Sakinah and Aiman left after Subuh back to their boarding school.
OMG! I miss them already.

Miss X and Sakinah

Aiman Yusof

Both picture was stolen from their facebook

They went to say bye to me when I was asleep.
The door opened and
Sakinah: Bye kak isz.
Me: Hurm... Bye...
I covered my face with my selemut (selimut, but I pronounce it that way :P).

The door closed and
Adibah: Bye blerbs...
Me: Hurm...
Selemut was still my best friend then.

The door opened again and
Mama: Kak isz bangun la, adik nak pergi nie, ada ke tido lg...
In your typical mother's tone.
Me: Urghhhhh...
Bye-bye my bestie, selemut :(

The reason why I'm updating early in the morning.
I slept too much this hols!
Mengalahkan beruang yang berhibernasi ataupun Zuzut (salah satu species beruang yang EXTINCT kat Malaysia nie)!


I've been listening a lot to In a rush by Blackstreet.

It came over me in a rush
When I realized that I love you so much
That sometimes I cry, but I cant tell you why
why I feel what I feel inside

How I try to express what's been troublin' my mind
But still can't find the words
But I know that something's got a hold of me

Baby, some day I'll find a way to say
just what you mean to me
But if that day never comes along
and you don't hear this song
I guess you'll never know that...

It came over me in a rush
When I realized that I love you so much
That sometimes I cry, but I cant tell you why
why I feel what I feel inside

And when I say inside, I mean deep
You fill my soul with something I can't explain
It's over me

I guess I'm more into the 90's song

That's all for now,
thanks for reading!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Law Dining and Etiquette


Too lazy to write anything,

Girls are complicated

  • We say we don't like him but actually we kinda like him because we didn't say we hate him. We're just either too shy to admit it; wants the guy to say it first; not sure whether you're serious enough.

  • Even though a guy is plainly straightforward he thinks us as friend, we just don't see it that way because that's not the way that we want to see it. If we like you, just a smile from you makes our day :)

  • We always wait for a prince riding his white horse to come and take us away and live happily ever after :)

  • We always manage to put so many words in one text message to him but he usually only reply in one line, how disappointing D:

  • That's why when we reply one or two words it shows that something is wrong. Kes merajuk la tu :P

  • If we smile a lot when you talk, we text you good morning and good night, we like you. So simple. It means we like being around you and we think of you when we wake up and before we go to sleep :)

I personally think girls are boring,
only a teaspoon actually layan naruto and bleach.

See you soon!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Trust me, I'll be sick tomorrow

at Stadium Melawati

I bought a few books :)

and lastly,

Ibah says I'm poyo getting a hamster book since I don't have one.

I'm having a sore throat and headache,
I think I'm gonna be sick tomorrow,
Goodnight people!
Sweet dream ;)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bagai lena dari mimpi

Hi! :)

Me and Dayah in one of our tutorial.

Just had my early dinner at Redone, Section 7, Shah Alam.
I had my favourite, Nasi Goreng USA and the usual Teh Tarik, while Dayah had Roti Arab and carrot susu, ewwww.
Mine was yum yum yummy!

Then, we head off to a boutique nearby.
Dayah bought a muslimah dress (i think :/).
She tried on a maroon and pink.
I say go for pink! :D
Which she did.

Then, we head off to a DVD store where I park infront of .
cetak rompak or original?
;P you decide!
I inquired on Merlin season 1, which I'm dying to buy!
He says he can get me one asap.
After a short while, and a lot of question on "Best tak movie nie?",
I bought a Thailand movie, Somtum; after being recommended that orang tua yang balik masjid pun tengok by the Abang DVD and Dayah bought herself 4 in 1 DVD of Pocongs. Gila Hantu! hehe

Do your voice change seinringan dengan usia?

We were joking about something and ...
Me: Masyaallah! Masyaallah! Haha
Dayah: Eh, suara Iszati sama dengan suara Hafiz.
Me: Hafiz TV3? -a big fan :)-
Dayah: Hafiz syurga cinta la!
Me: Apa? :D haha

Very unflattering! :/
kalau suara mendayu macam Dato' Siti Nurhaliza tak pe jugak :P
nie macam suara hafiz yang dari Tom Tom Bak.

Thanks for reading!
Gonna watch Somtum after doing a bit of SOGA and
my Mandarin characters.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Journal 1

Gosh, I'm so tired!
I think everyone goes through it, the moment when they feel down and think that others can do better than them.
but hey, who says that? Only you!
"the only one who's stopping you is yourself"

Currently listening to Bukan Cinta Biasa by Afgan. I love him!
Tomorrow I only have 1 class but our batch have to attend a lecture on dining etiquette D:
hurm We still haven't finished our research on Malay Premises in Shah Alam. Dang!

Just took my bath. I have to call my sis, Ibah.
To sleep or study SOGA? gosh

I'm off to call my sis, clean, toner, moisturize, Isyaq and sleep. I'll have to wake up early to get ready for my SOGA tutorial tomorrow.

Rahimi won! Congrats! :)

See ya!

Quickie updates

Hello again! \(^.^)/
It's been awhile since I used the keyboard to update. My bad my bad.
Just quick updates since I need to revise again for my mandarin quiz tomorrow.

  • I sold my PURPLE CONVERSE!! At only RM100 nevertheless.
  • Do vote for our Law Faculty representative at the auditorium TODAY! Both my friends: Ong and Rahimi are contending. I still remember when I became friend with both of them!
  • Let us do our part to the society!
Donate your Blood!

I'm blood type B

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Purple Converse for SALE

I mentioned that I bought a purple converse. It turns out to be too big for me. I did buy 1 size bigger but I didn't expect it to be that big! I never tried on a converse but I applied the rule of purchasing a nike :(

Why should you buy?
  • The colour is super cute!
  • A must have for those who likes Converse and still wants to show their feminine side!
  • So that I can buy another purple converse at my size ;)

Status: Original
Condition: New and never worn
Price: RM120
Size: 4 1/2
37 euro
(I tested that it is:
slightly loose for size 7 crocs
fits just nice for size 8 crocs
It is only an opinion)
Delivery Charge: Included
and any loss or damage during delivery we'll not held responsible.

To purchase please send me an e-mail,
(let me know by leaving a comment)
for any inquiries just leave me a comment.

Buy la okayyy!