Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Friends Introduction

During my first lecture of Insolvency, instead of self introduction, we had to introduce our friend. 
Using the same method, let me introduce you to my friends! :)

Rosnani bt Abdul Ghani
(On the right)

I call her Nanie.I used to thought her full name was Syananie haha 
She's from Kelantan, Jeli I think
Likes shoe shopping, especially flats!
Dia org yg jln plg depan selagi sepatu keinginan hati tak dimiliki hahaha
In my opinion she likes to eat kari ayam and mee kari
She likes to sleep in early and basuh baju di awal pagi

Nur Syamimi bt Muhd Isa
(On the right)
an old picture from my hp, too lay to find at fb
I call her Mimie or Mimobot 
Favourite colour is red
She prefers Ikan Laut, doesn't like Ikan Sungai
She's addicted to sushi
She eats chicken teppanyaki rather than beef
Dia nak dimanjakan haha
Her family enjoys eating out
She knows how to ride a horse
She calls cat, inyau or was it enyau

Nur Diana bt Ramlan
(On the left)
Old picture too
I call her Diana or D
She used to call herself Diana Degarmo,
till now I don't know who is Mr Degarmo
She calls her mother, mummy
She loves hamster
She doesn't eat nuts
so her family cooks her blended peanut for kuah kacang
(I can't imagine the taste -________-")
She likes to write
Obsessed with post-it-notes

Nur Hidayah bt Mohd Radzi
Ini adalah magic camera handphone 1.3 megapixel
flawless! haha
I call her dayah or dayayah
She has a cute personality and cute voice
She was my Silat partner
She's an avid fan of Detective Conan
When she talks,
it's as if she tries to opened her eyes as wide as it can
and she uses a lot of hand gestures.
Her favourite food is nasi goreng ayam kunyit
Kaya sbb setiap kali makan order jus karrot susu (ikut season) :p 

Mardiah bt Mohd Talib
Old picture three
Used to call her McD but she doesn't like it, so I call her Mar 
Crazy for bags!
She's our very own GPS
She drives really fast at Highway
She likes girly clothes
Bermusuhan ngan handphone die :p
She have lots of love novel.
Kalau beli novel mesti sorok dlm bag x nk bg sy tgk.
Tak tahu apa motif :?

Nurul Husna
This picture was taken at Diana surprise birthday party
I call her Husnana Banana :) tehehe
She's from Kedah
Her food must be GILA PEDAS! bkn gila tp pedas :p 
Cili padi is her ulam 
She likes to facebook (farmville!) n ym chat
Suka gila Super Ring bkn gila tp suke :p
Suka teh o ais
She's funny, bosan kalau x ada die sbg roomate masa part 1 :)

Nama penuh x ingat hehe
Dulu sll confuse dia ngan Shaffey hehe minta maaf
She's a Hottest: 2PM fan
Her favourite member in Shinee is Jonghyun
She supports Nichkhun n Victoria in We Got Married
She has lots lots lots of selendang!
Suka berfesyen

I would like to tag:
Diana Ramlan
You! :)

Mimie just started her blog,
do visit, click here.   
Thanks for reading! 
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