Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Graduasi oh Graduasi

Assalamualaikum dan hi! ;)

Setelah 5 tahun menulis blog di dalam bahasa inggeris, rasanya sudah tiba masa untuk bertukar angin pula. 

Actually ini adalah kali kedua graduasi bagi saya. So, memang macam malas and tak se-excited macam yang first. Kalau yang first dah siap pakai baju convo  dalam kereta, make up bagai and pin kan topi dengan kemas.

Di UiTM, program fakulti undang-undang adalah berbeza dari universiti yang lain. Di mana, program kami mempunyai Bachelor of Legal Studies selama 3 tahun dan Bachelor of Law selama 1 tahun. Oleh itu, kami akan grad 2 kali bagi setiap program. Graduasi yg pertama bukan main excited, tak boleh bla siap ada photoshoot kat putrajaya hew hew hew

credit to mimie isa :p

left to right: ibah, mama, me, nenek, kinah

Check out my full BLS graduation pictures

Thank you for the flowers! I like lilies btw! ;)

Berbeza pula untuk graduasi yang ke dua
Baju pun pilih malam sebelum. make up pun tak pakai.
Siap cakap dekat mama tak perlu beli bunga, tapi tetap excited juga bila mama and cik endek datang bagi bunga hehe Thank you! :)

me, una, aish
Powerpuff girls
aka the female trio of firm 3 of class G
I couldn't made through llb without them :')
We've been through tears, laughter, nasi lemak session with ketam balls every morning
(termasuk sekali diana)
aish, my kpop partner in crime
una, the serious one
me? yg adorable haha :p
i miss you girls

Isz & Partners
me, aish, una and shahril

me and diana
lilies again from my mom and adorable minions

my gradtrip fellow
from gradtrip to graduation 

thanks for the flower mama n cik endek

Sebenarnya, still tengah fikir nak ambik syariah ke tak selama setahun.
tapi bila dah start kerja ni macam malas nak belajar. hurrmmm...
kalau sambung maksudnye graduasi yang ke-3 ehehehe

k bye!
took me much will to post this

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I want a real job with a real pay

Assalamulaikum and Hello!

Seriously, I just cant wait for another 8 months.


Before that, for those who are not familiar with the legal profession, I will explain it. After graduating with my Bachelors in Law which is a professional degree, I have to undergo 9 months of pupillage to be admitted to the bar. 

We don't get paid since it is not a job because you are actually a student learning at firm. You are in a learning process for 9 months with your master from the firm. Understand? This is because many people could not differentiate between chambering student and lawyer. We have not yet become lawyer. 

FYI, for different state, the range of allowance is different. Kuala Lumpur has the highest rate at RM1500-1800 per month while others such as Shah Alam at RM800-1000 and Kedah at RM500. This is inclusive of the filing and various fees that we have to do within that period time. We have to apply to court, attend talks, compulsory legal aids and many more.

I did 4 days at a firm at Kuala Lumpur but the cost was too high for me who was residing in Petaling Jaya. Then I changed to a firm in PJ, nearer to home.

I accept the fact that you are a student with an allowance and I have no complaints.

But I am so jelly (slang for jealous) with my friends who has a real job! :(
Especially those who travels a lot!
My aunt who went to Bangkok -> Penang -> Bali -> Laos
My friend who went to Bali for one week holiday.
Don't even mention about shopping. It will just make me more depressed! :(
Me No Shopping! :(

I want a real job with a real pay *sighs*

On a side note, I just have to remind myself that 9 months is just a short period of time compared to what I will get which is my lawyer practicing certificate.

Okay, enough with my rants :)
It's just that I need to motivate myself. It's just a small obstacle that I can overcome! :)

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Indochina Gradtrip Day 2: Ha Long Bay & Dong Thien Cung Cave

Assalamualaikum and hello!

I can't believe it is time for my 2nd entry already!  ~woot woot~

I would like to apologize for the lousy grammar in my previous post. I was in a hurry because I was scared I would get bored if the process would take a long time and thus abandon the entry. I just hate being bored. 
However, I have the responsibility to at least to check, so I will try harder in this post and the next! Fighting! ;D 

This is also the reason I started blogging again because I was bored of waiting and refreshing my favourite kpop gossip blogs: netizenbuzz, allkpop and soompi. Plus, I want to do something that I can look forward to every morning :)

Another thing that drives me crazy is that I have long left the world of blogging that I encountered problems regarding:

  • How to reply comment, I observed from other blogs that you can reply directly per comment instead of making another comment. If I have not reply your comments in my previous post right now; it is because I am still figuring out how. It's driving me crazy -____-" Do you have to change the setting or something?? I hate finding stuff!! 

  • Follower button. I tried to add the old follower widget (i have 100+ followers) that I used to have but it seems to have new version using google+ where I will start back at zero followers -____-" aiyooooo I am still figuring it out the solution.

Let us continue to our main story~~

Indochina Gradtrip Day 2: Ha Long Bay

Oh, I forgot to mention that the time difference 1 hour late than in Malaysia :)
We went by bus and then by boat to reach Ha Long Bay.

Left to right: rahimi, me, una, iswatt and bun 
Us on the 2nd floor of the boat

Me and Iswatt
Taken by una :)

Rahimi, Iswatt and Bun

Una, Me and Diana

Lovers in Ha Long Bay hehe


It's everybody first time hehe Oh boy, I was excited! I have always been an outdoor girl ;) and I always like to try new things.

Since it was our first time kayaking, it was natural that we went the wrong way, bump caves and not to mention other small boats.  Hehe Siap gelak kan tourist lain yang langgar batu! haha :p

We were like so asian as pointed out by Diana, mat salleh busy with enjoying the scenery but we were busy trying to combine our kayak so that we could take selca with the scenery. Diana even managed to upload it on instagram. Yes, in Vietnam you can get its mobile data in the middle in ocean. In Malaysia, jangan cakap mobile data tapi line pun belum tentu dapat. Luckily, I bought waterproof bag from Daiso for my camera since the kayak was not that stable.

Tips: If you want to go right, row to the left and vice versa. The one in front should maneuver while the back should row.

Dong Thien Cung Cave

 The small green plant is so kyute!!

Muka penat kayak and explore cave

 Muka penat gems and bunc atas boat haha

Last but not least, nak dengar cerita sedih x??? huhu

All I ate for lunch was rice with serunding and coke 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Indochina Grad Trip: Vietnam

Assalamualaikum and Hello! :)

Delay defeats justice? arghhhh I feel sorry for my fellow backpackers since it took a long time for me to update the pictures from our graduation trip. ngehehe

Well, you would also be in the brink of giving up when you have a WHOOOPING 11 GB pictures to choose from and the tormenting process of editing. Padahal edit guna picasa je. chehhh

I will break our Indochina grad trip to 3 part according to the respective country. They are Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

So, let's begin with our lucky no 1 country: Vietnam.

Our flight was at 7pm and before departing I even managed to grab a coffee latte at McCafe! (I'm a coffee lover!) Jakun tak pernah minum kat McCafe :p And I thought the coffee wasn't strong enough for my taste, maybe I should order an espresso. Oh well, maybe next time.

On the airplane, I managed to change seat with Bun and sat next to the window! weehooo~~

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi was 3 hour long. I was bored and played minion rush throughout since I have motion sickness I wasn't able to do any reading activities.

Day 1: Hanoi

Let's explore the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi!

Food Culture

 Bún chả is a Vietnamese dish of grilled pork & noodle (thanks wikipedia)
There were many shops like these.
Ambik gambar jelah huhu

Slurp slurp noodles~~
They seem to love their noodles

Spiky Durian. Golden Durian. Durian Seller.
They use these small chairs.
Haha and you don't seem to find any overweight/obese person here.

Business Culture

Mostly they sell fruits, vegetables and sometimes local delicacies.

Outdoor Barber Shop
Kinda cute right haha
A soldier (I think) having his hair cut and what's with the torchlight headgear? haha

Bengkel Motor

Tak tahu pun sape nie
nampak tugu je ambik gambar ngehehe tourist sangat :p

 Vietnam Military War Museum

Left to Right: Diana, Una and Me
Bendera Merah Bintang Kuning tu bendera Vietnam
Kerana faktor angin, banyak shot perlu di ambil 
sebab nak jugak nampak bintang kat bendera tu hohoho

Left to Right: Bun, Rahimi and Iswatt

Hao Chi Minh Mausoleum 

It is a memorial (makam) for Hao Chi Minh, Vietminh leader , Chairman of the Communist Party in Vietnam. Fyi, even the city of Saigon was changed to Hao Chi Minh.  

One Pillar Pagoda 

One of the tourist spot if you made your research on the internet, but I was disappointed since it was so small??.. It was nearby the mausoleum.  

Peek-A-Boooo!!! hehe
They will make their prayers and offerings dekat yang kat atas tu.

Located next to the One Pillar Pagoda Temple

Left to right: Una, Me, Iswatt, Diana, Rahimi
One of the mesuem tapi tutup sob sob sob :"(

Tutup meh
tapi cantik sebab nampak classic :)

Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts

Budak lelaki ish ish ish
Minta maaf kepada pembaca di bawah umaur 18 tahun

Tak serupa tapi sama

Then went back to our ?hostel? to recharge back our energy for dinner hunting and water puppet show.

Food Hunting and Water Puppet show

Sadly we search for 4 restaurant and it was all closed! Permanently closed, closed for outdoor catering, pass the closing time and close for renovation. Adoi! Last-last makan di kfc je. I ate fish sticks and the portion was small huhu 3 keping je fish stick wahhhh nangiss... 

left is Diana's seafood burger and right is my fish sticks.

The water puppet show was unique and fun but not to my liking since it doesn't have a storyline and more the history of the culture. Sadly, I didn't managed to snap a picture. Pissed off sebab jalan 1 bandar 4 kedai halal tutup and ada mamat 6 kaki duduk depan yang blocking view. ~gggrrrr

                                        Hoan Kiem Lake

After the water puppet show, we went to the Hoan Kiem Lake. The Turtle Tower and the huc bridge are located there. Nie macam tempat lepak the locals.

The Huc Bridge

Haha Nie baru day 1 dah panjang gila kan (yes I always start with haha, it's a habit)
Please anticipate my day 2 of Indochina gradtrip! :D

Thanks for reading!