Thursday, January 28, 2010

Journal 1

Gosh, I'm so tired!
I think everyone goes through it, the moment when they feel down and think that others can do better than them.
but hey, who says that? Only you!
"the only one who's stopping you is yourself"

Currently listening to Bukan Cinta Biasa by Afgan. I love him!
Tomorrow I only have 1 class but our batch have to attend a lecture on dining etiquette D:
hurm We still haven't finished our research on Malay Premises in Shah Alam. Dang!

Just took my bath. I have to call my sis, Ibah.
To sleep or study SOGA? gosh

I'm off to call my sis, clean, toner, moisturize, Isyaq and sleep. I'll have to wake up early to get ready for my SOGA tutorial tomorrow.

Rahimi won! Congrats! :)

See ya!

Quickie updates

Hello again! \(^.^)/
It's been awhile since I used the keyboard to update. My bad my bad.
Just quick updates since I need to revise again for my mandarin quiz tomorrow.

  • I sold my PURPLE CONVERSE!! At only RM100 nevertheless.
  • Do vote for our Law Faculty representative at the auditorium TODAY! Both my friends: Ong and Rahimi are contending. I still remember when I became friend with both of them!
  • Let us do our part to the society!
Donate your Blood!

I'm blood type B

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Purple Converse for SALE

I mentioned that I bought a purple converse. It turns out to be too big for me. I did buy 1 size bigger but I didn't expect it to be that big! I never tried on a converse but I applied the rule of purchasing a nike :(

Why should you buy?
  • The colour is super cute!
  • A must have for those who likes Converse and still wants to show their feminine side!
  • So that I can buy another purple converse at my size ;)

Status: Original
Condition: New and never worn
Price: RM120
Size: 4 1/2
37 euro
(I tested that it is:
slightly loose for size 7 crocs
fits just nice for size 8 crocs
It is only an opinion)
Delivery Charge: Included
and any loss or damage during delivery we'll not held responsible.

To purchase please send me an e-mail,
(let me know by leaving a comment)
for any inquiries just leave me a comment.

Buy la okayyy!