Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh My Gawsh!!

Deep Down In My Heart

1. I know I'm cute.

2. I wish people will take their time to listen to me.

3. I'm not in love with him, it was in fact, because he was my first boyfriend.

4. I wish people stop calling me gemuk.

5. I wish I could stop being soo blur.

6. I recognized myself as a late bloomer, I've got a long way to go, just give me your time and patience.

7. I wish I can stand up for the people that I truly care.

8. I know I'm not confident in communicating verbally, I'm still working on it.

9. I don't judge people, I will always be there for you, telling, lets not discuss about the problem and the cause of it but to find the solution for it.

10. I wish I can tell to her she's the bichiest and bossiest person I know and I'm glad it's all over and how I hate her so-called bff, she's the world biggest hypocrite and backstabber (no wonder I didn't like her since the first time I saw her, way to go instinct).

11. I want to know who calls us ayam katik, I want to see how purrfect they are.

12. I can :bofu_09: this particular rempit. Care to join D?

:fatpanda: jom menari panda!!


Ain Salleh said...

ayam katik?
why would that person call u that?
i hate ppl hu give names to others...
thats not fair!

Iszati said...

i noe
i guess because we're kinda short
i hate them too!

D said...

HAHA! i'm one of the ayam katik too, sadly!

D said...

number 10, me too. thank god it's all over. sigh.

Iszati said...

haha.. geng katik ku ;)

Iszati said...

haha.. no 10!! me too!!

D said...

number 12, definitely baby.

aainaa syaiirah said...

hi isz... its me your sista from another mother... hehehe.. try to guess me if u can... huhuhu...

aainaa syaiirah said...

xpatut lgsg dorg pgl u katik ayam..
cam la dorg tu perfect sgt...!! ni yg nk marah nie...!!!

aainaa syaiirah said...

as a friend.. sincerely from my heart.. you are an amazing person and dont be afraid to love yourself and to be proud of who you are.. because that's makes you.. YOU!
NUR IZZATI IS A UNIQUE PERSON INSIDE AND OUTSIDE.. you just have to believe it..

Iszati said...

thanks i am me

Iszati said...

i am me is aainaa?