Sunday, February 1, 2009

Of mosquito repellant and boarding school

Howdy-do people!
I couldn't sleep last night, I slept at 4.30 am -_____-".
I watched twilight till 2.30 am, I thought I'll be tired by that time, but I wasn't.
I tossed n turned and tossed again, but to no avail.
Twilight was... cheesy ;P
My parents picked me up by 8.15 am (which means less than 4 hour sleep for me).
They were suppose to come last night after mengaji, but couldn't make it.
All they wanted to give was mosquito repellent, the plug-in-to-the-socket type ( I complained the night before when I couldn't sleep because of that irritating noise that the stupid mosquito makes and their bites which I make poor attempts to murder them in the dark).
Not forgetting I had my mom printed e-mail to and from fitness first to give to.
I feel like a spoiled brat! hahaha
Then again, maybe I am :o)
Big news!

My mom called me just now,
Aiman got a place in MRSM Gemencheh.
It's in Negeri Sembilan.
I so want to laugh and tease him right now!
Who wants to bet he's going to cry at the moment my parents going to leave him?

That's all from me,


nadiaaa said...

ouh how i love love twilight.

nur said...

oits...aiman x nangis dowh.aku rase dia suke.dia nampak cam excited.hahaha,tapi mama nangis...nama pon mak.kan?

Iszati said...

ewww, i hate twilight

Iszati said...

aiman nk kebebasan! :D
wey, tunggu aku hari jumaat nie!