Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Iszati the gift-wrapper

Hello peeps!
15 days of not updating.
Sorry Sorry (
Super Junior)

I did mention in my post about gift-wrapping. Due to a staff who self-terminate her service, I had to wrap when Kak Ida went for a break or on her off-day :/

I totally suck!

  1. I'm so slow at wrapping that even the security guy and the cleaner had to helped me :P Thanks! :)
  2. I cut my finger twice. One with a scissors and with a blade :/
  3. I wrap strawberry jam macam orang kat pasar malam wrap belacan. Sumpah buruk! Nasib baik the customer was patient and cool but I gave her extra wrapping paper (I felt guilty)
Practice makes perfect right

In additon, gula-gula 4 ringgit pown nk wrap ke? Urghhh

I Know this is random,


Cotton On

See you soon.

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