Monday, December 7, 2009

Perempuan ada 9 nafsu nafsu! fuyooo!

Hello again readers!
1. Marks & Spencer white long sleeve

(I'll ask for my colleague 35% discount! hehe :D)

2. Converse in Pink

I've been wanting this like forever (tapi x beli-beli pown :P)
Saw in One Utama but I think it was meant for children but I'm size 4,
so what the heck!

3.Paul Frank tee or whatsoever

Planning to buy it as a birthday present
(yg dh lambat hampir 6 bulan :P)

I was browsing Forever 21 website just now and I saw this,

This is so cute!

and I watched New Moon last friday
I'm in team Jacob!

I like his short hair when its wet,
makes me wanna touch it
and his smile
more contagious than AHIN1.

Are you in team Edward or Jacob?

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye.

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