Monday, April 13, 2015


Assalamualaikum and Hello! :)

Lately, I've been religiously reading the daily newspaper to kill the time in the office, not forgetting my cup of caramel latte. Reading these awesome articles makes me feel inadequate as a writer. Hey, I still have a long to go. 

After spending hours of walking the huge Angkor Wat, Diana and Una gave up in walking ahead and decided to sit down and wait for us to finish the journey. So, I went with the boys ahead.

haha time ni dah sunburn!
habis ceklat kita haha
dah sama colour ngan lantai dah

We encountered some children, they were running around freely without any parent or adult supervision. Even crawling.  I'm not sure why since this is a UNESCO site and they charge us quite expensive USD 20 = RM 60. But then again for locals its free or way cheaper.

Cantik blouse and skirt adik!

Unless you gave them something they won't bother you. Then Iswatt somehow went to gave cakes to the children and got overwhelmed. T____T

Muka cuak gayat! haha
Tinggi and curam tangga diorg

Done with my Angkor Wat posts! hehe 

Thanks for reading!

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