Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Indochina Gradtrip Day 2: Ha Long Bay & Dong Thien Cung Cave

Assalamualaikum and hello!

I can't believe it is time for my 2nd entry already!  ~woot woot~

I would like to apologize for the lousy grammar in my previous post. I was in a hurry because I was scared I would get bored if the process would take a long time and thus abandon the entry. I just hate being bored. 
However, I have the responsibility to at least to check, so I will try harder in this post and the next! Fighting! ;D 

This is also the reason I started blogging again because I was bored of waiting and refreshing my favourite kpop gossip blogs: netizenbuzz, allkpop and soompi. Plus, I want to do something that I can look forward to every morning :)

Another thing that drives me crazy is that I have long left the world of blogging that I encountered problems regarding:

  • How to reply comment, I observed from other blogs that you can reply directly per comment instead of making another comment. If I have not reply your comments in my previous post right now; it is because I am still figuring out how. It's driving me crazy -____-" Do you have to change the setting or something?? I hate finding stuff!! 

  • Follower button. I tried to add the old follower widget (i have 100+ followers) that I used to have but it seems to have new version using google+ where I will start back at zero followers -____-" aiyooooo I am still figuring it out the solution.

Let us continue to our main story~~

Indochina Gradtrip Day 2: Ha Long Bay

Oh, I forgot to mention that the time difference 1 hour late than in Malaysia :)
We went by bus and then by boat to reach Ha Long Bay.

Left to right: rahimi, me, una, iswatt and bun 
Us on the 2nd floor of the boat

Me and Iswatt
Taken by una :)

Rahimi, Iswatt and Bun

Una, Me and Diana

Lovers in Ha Long Bay hehe


It's everybody first time hehe Oh boy, I was excited! I have always been an outdoor girl ;) and I always like to try new things.

Since it was our first time kayaking, it was natural that we went the wrong way, bump caves and not to mention other small boats.  Hehe Siap gelak kan tourist lain yang langgar batu! haha :p

We were like so asian as pointed out by Diana, mat salleh busy with enjoying the scenery but we were busy trying to combine our kayak so that we could take selca with the scenery. Diana even managed to upload it on instagram. Yes, in Vietnam you can get its mobile data in the middle in ocean. In Malaysia, jangan cakap mobile data tapi line pun belum tentu dapat. Luckily, I bought waterproof bag from Daiso for my camera since the kayak was not that stable.

Tips: If you want to go right, row to the left and vice versa. The one in front should maneuver while the back should row.

Dong Thien Cung Cave

 The small green plant is so kyute!!

Muka penat kayak and explore cave

 Muka penat gems and bunc atas boat haha

Last but not least, nak dengar cerita sedih x??? huhu

All I ate for lunch was rice with serunding and coke 

Thanks for reading!

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