Sunday, August 31, 2008

selangkah ke
Fakulti Undang-Undang

venue: swiss inn
time: 7.50-2.00
aim: to give briefing on what to expect
the food: macam makanan dining :(

the input received:
it was on the requirements to be a law student in UiTM Shah Alam,

1) get band 4 and above for ur muet
i did,
but i'm thinkin of repeating
as my speaking was bad.........
but what if i get a lower band if i repeat??
or maybe i should brush up my speaking skill...

2) c.g.p.a 2.5 and above
currently yes,
all is left is to get 3.0 and above this sem (my aim).

3) get 2.75 and above c.g.p.a in your degree
i'll do my best
but rite now i'm just focusing on my final year of pre-law

4) join activities (UiTM shah alam)
in UiTM kedah it is not compulsary for us (pre-law) to join any club
except for pre-law club of course
i'll be joining taekwondo or any martial art club,
i'm thinking of mooting club (sounds interesting),
and language club to sharpen my usage of english.
3 is enough.

an entry won't be interesting without pictures ritee..


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