Monday, August 3, 2009

I’m not sure why but I have this uneasiness feeling inside me. And I intend to get rid of it.

I’ve been dealing with lots of guilt which breeds into depression lately. Much had to do with studying for contract and low self-confidence. Normal I guess. What the heck. I need to let go of this bad energy inside me, what more than shopping! OMG, it’s as easy as A B C, as simple as DO RE MI. I’m such a genius. Hehe.

Where to shop eh. I’ve been to OU last Friday with Mar, Nanie and Dayah, but there was no shopping there… -_______________-“ And I’ve been wanting this polka dots scarf and owl necklace since FOREVER! I told my mom this morning I’ve gone crazy just thinking about those 2 things that is not mine, yet. Urgghhhhh… It’s driving me nuts! NUTS!


Just want to say:

Happy Birthday Mardiah!

You were born in Malaysia,

With the Malays, Chinese and Indians,

Happy Birthday to you!

I’ve decided to pick KL instead of OU. For the obvious reason: to hunt for some nice CHEAP selendang. Go figure! *mata berguling* Good news: I’ve just check my account book, and my salary had been cashed in! Woohoo! Bad news: Mine is Yippie account (for minor) and I can’t take my money out unless I’m accompanied by my guardian, my mother. Woopoo! Bad/good news(I’m not sure): My parents say I should keep my money and not use a ringgit of it, since it was my hard-earned money. No sweat!

I only took 1 day off from the entire 28 days of working. Gila kan! I did it secara sukarela lah :P Supervisor: “Zati nak cuti hari apa?”. Me: “Tak yah cuti lah, bukannya buat apa-apa pown.”… Padan muka hang! I was a part-time worker who did full-time work. On weekdays, it’s 10am till 6/7pm and on weekends 10am till 10pm. Fuuyoh, gila bapak penat! I did fall sick sebab kerja non-stop until week 2 and it was on my 1 day holiday. Woopoo! -_________-" Of course, it didn’t stop me from watching Transformers Revenge of The Fallen with my mom and Ibah. Even though my dad insisted I should rest the whole day. Yeah right! :P

I had a lot of fun working though, made new friends, adapted (quite well?) with the environment and getting money is bloody hard! I learned the value of money, which I was ignorant before. I think I deserve to say that every RM1 is equivalent to 15 minutes of me working as a promoter. Penat dowh! Even spending RM1 is such a big deal now! -____________-“

I can’t wait to go shopping tomorrow! Woohoo! :9 I’ve already made a list: 2 selendang, 1 neklace and a bright coloured long-sleeve. A reasonable list don’t ya think? My budget is RM100 and less. Can’t wait! ~weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I gotta start studying though, if I ever intend to finish my 2 weeks of contract work.

See ya around!

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