Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's Visit Adibah! :)

Iszati and Adibah Selca! :D

Assalamualaikum & Hello! :)
Today is my day off (every wednesday) :) 
I'm gonna share with you what I did last week on my off day :)
I made lunchbox and visited my sis at work and went to the bank to change my old atm card to the new debit card :) Now it's easier for me to shop shop shop! :) hehe Bila duit ciput diri merana huhuhu :/

I'll give you clues where my sis work at:

1st clue
Banyak leaflet
di mana ye aku pernah nampak??

2nd clue
banyak mahluk kad-kad di rak
aku ada tak kad macam gitu??

Ada orang ketagih ubat batuk!!! :p

You guessed it right! My sis works at a clinic :)
Let's see what I did there shall we :) hehe

I brought Adibah's lunchbox :)
Japenese croquette, daging masak black pepper and nasi
:) does it look good? hehe

Welcome to my workplace!!! :)

I'm allergic to milk? hehe :p

Thumbs up! :) hehe
lama gila kot masak! 2-3 jam 
nampak sgt jarang masak haha 
kantooooi! at least I'm eager to learn aite??? ;)

Ibah asked me again just now whether I will make her lunchbox again today. Oh but I can't since I'll be off to my grandmother's house to see and learn a few recipes :) I'm eager to learn tempe masak suun! :) Yum yum yum :9 Kak Ika (m&s friend) actually asked my japenese croquette recipe! hehe I brought them the other day at work :) She said it was sedap :) hehe bestnya ada orang puji kita masak! ;)

Hope I will learn a lot of recipe :)

Thanks for reading! :)

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