Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today is a fun Shunny Day!!

Heylo!! :D
I'm at the library, waiting for my tutorial contract to start.
I'll be having my contract test 2 this coming thursday night. As quoted by Sir Helmi, "Anda dijemput untuk datang."
I still have intention to create legal relation to cover. Fighting! :D
Did I mention that I'll be having my silat diner this sunday. I was reluctant to go at first but since it's only once a year, why not? 8)
And did I mention that I malas nak pikir baju-baju nie. Yeah, u read that right. Malasssssss..... Thanks to my cousin: Mardiah and roomates who had pushed me to try various outfit
I'm not complaining :P Yeah, got the outfit, disewa di butik Mardiah ;P
Dayah also sewa di butik yang sama. hehehe.
And you know what's worse? No transport is provided :/
I gtg, need to perform my zohor prayer. Buhbye!

Till I see you again.
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