Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me as Mak Cik Goreng Pisang

On a fine day, when I was craving for cendawan goreng and actually took the effort taking out tempura flour, my mom gave order for me to goreng pisang. I had no choice but to meng-iyakan sahaja.

So, I was busy menggoreng pisang after the cendawan goreng. Of course, everybody else was happily mencuri the pisang goreng I had just cook and my littlest brother came (Idris).

Idris: Kak isz, lepas nie kak isz tak payahlah beli goreng pisang
(sambil mencuri goreng pisang)
Kak Isz: Huhhh? Kenapa plak?
Idris: sebab kak isz dah reti goreng pisang sendiri
Kak isz: *speechless...
(berfikir whether she should be annoyed or laugh)

In the end, I had to goreng the pisang yang digoreng sebab tak masak. Oh well.
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