Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I can't see red carpet though for coming home to blogging

Oh My Gosh! Lame gilaaa tak update! hehe I don't think anyone reads my blog anymore since it has not been updated for the past few months. Errr, for the first month I've been busy with my DVDs and korean hotties. The second month I'm busy with machine hotties! :D Of course it's Transformers! I am currently working as a temporary promoter for Transformer in Parkson One Utama. ~psst.. Don't tell anyone, I'm a shy person as you can see *coughs*


Anonymous said...

Promoter for transformers!
Did u get any goodies?

diana said...

kakak transformers!

Iszati said...

hey dira!
noo i didn't get goodies, but i get free hugs from 2 year old! :D