Sunday, January 17, 2010

Purple Converse for SALE

I mentioned that I bought a purple converse. It turns out to be too big for me. I did buy 1 size bigger but I didn't expect it to be that big! I never tried on a converse but I applied the rule of purchasing a nike :(

Why should you buy?
  • The colour is super cute!
  • A must have for those who likes Converse and still wants to show their feminine side!
  • So that I can buy another purple converse at my size ;)

Status: Original
Condition: New and never worn
Price: RM120
Size: 4 1/2
37 euro
(I tested that it is:
slightly loose for size 7 crocs
fits just nice for size 8 crocs
It is only an opinion)
Delivery Charge: Included
and any loss or damage during delivery we'll not held responsible.

To purchase please send me an e-mail,
(let me know by leaving a comment)
for any inquiries just leave me a comment.

Buy la okayyy!

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