Thursday, January 28, 2010

Journal 1

Gosh, I'm so tired!
I think everyone goes through it, the moment when they feel down and think that others can do better than them.
but hey, who says that? Only you!
"the only one who's stopping you is yourself"

Currently listening to Bukan Cinta Biasa by Afgan. I love him!
Tomorrow I only have 1 class but our batch have to attend a lecture on dining etiquette D:
hurm We still haven't finished our research on Malay Premises in Shah Alam. Dang!

Just took my bath. I have to call my sis, Ibah.
To sleep or study SOGA? gosh

I'm off to call my sis, clean, toner, moisturize, Isyaq and sleep. I'll have to wake up early to get ready for my SOGA tutorial tomorrow.

Rahimi won! Congrats! :)

See ya!

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