Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh boy!

Most girls have guy best friend
they totally rock!

If you don't have at least one guy as your best friend, then your missing all the fun! ;)
Most of the times they are better than your boyfriend! Bahhhhh! :D
They don't sulk with you,
they don't get mad at you,
they listen,
they make the stupidest joke,
and they're there for you always.
Like when I left my key inside my car that was locked
They came and help with their wires and spanar and all :)
Plus, they can always provide advice from the boys side
You know how complicated boys tend to be and how we can never understand them.

but the part when
they can fall in love with you
is something...


Sometimes you just don't realize it when you fall for someone.
In this case,
it can be either something
a horror!

It is sweet when he and you is single and you know each other for so long :)

It is an absolute horror when he already has a girlfriend
Tak pasal2 kene serang ngan gf die
or you just regard him as your best friend and nothing more and you don't want to lose him as your best friend.

Cherish your guy best friend!

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