Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bagai lena dari mimpi

Hi! :)

Me and Dayah in one of our tutorial.

Just had my early dinner at Redone, Section 7, Shah Alam.
I had my favourite, Nasi Goreng USA and the usual Teh Tarik, while Dayah had Roti Arab and carrot susu, ewwww.
Mine was yum yum yummy!

Then, we head off to a boutique nearby.
Dayah bought a muslimah dress (i think :/).
She tried on a maroon and pink.
I say go for pink! :D
Which she did.

Then, we head off to a DVD store where I park infront of .
cetak rompak or original?
;P you decide!
I inquired on Merlin season 1, which I'm dying to buy!
He says he can get me one asap.
After a short while, and a lot of question on "Best tak movie nie?",
I bought a Thailand movie, Somtum; after being recommended that orang tua yang balik masjid pun tengok by the Abang DVD and Dayah bought herself 4 in 1 DVD of Pocongs. Gila Hantu! hehe

Do your voice change seinringan dengan usia?

We were joking about something and ...
Me: Masyaallah! Masyaallah! Haha
Dayah: Eh, suara Iszati sama dengan suara Hafiz.
Me: Hafiz TV3? -a big fan :)-
Dayah: Hafiz syurga cinta la!
Me: Apa? :D haha

Very unflattering! :/
kalau suara mendayu macam Dato' Siti Nurhaliza tak pe jugak :P
nie macam suara hafiz yang dari Tom Tom Bak.

Thanks for reading!
Gonna watch Somtum after doing a bit of SOGA and
my Mandarin characters.

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