Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Work is Finally Over :)

Imagine 4 months of not working, with the cost of shopping living has risen up and what's more dangerous was my weight! -__________-"

I went to work after 3 weeks at home, at my old place of work. 

After working, I couldn't help but count my days till my contact ends. Days by days went by. Only 3 to 4 days left, I was quite sad to be leaving my friends that I bonded for the past 3 month :'( 

So here is the pictures I took when I came to return my uniform :)

Iszati & Mai

Peace! :)

Kak Azah, Una & Kak Ika

Sasuke & Iszati

Sugar? Spice?
Ikut keadaan bah! :p

Una jeles tgk Iszati & Mai yg comel sgt! hehe

Alif, Iszati, Abg Zaki & Along

Kak Fiza & Iszati
Ala-ala James Bond B)

Izz & Izz :)

Iszati & Bf :)
hehe bf saya mat salleh :p tinggi plak tu :p
berangan betul!

Iszati dgn carrot-carrot! :)

Sorry tak banyak gambar sebab Mai akan upload sume di fb :) hehe bersabar eh rakan m&s sekalian :p
Tak sabar nak tgk Jonny English esok! :)

Thanks for reading!

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