Sunday, March 20, 2011

Of Ayam Goreng and Cute Spectacle Guy :)

Assalamualaikum & Hello!
This is the wedding in Seremban that I went last week.
What I can remember are the ayam goreng sedap la sesangat and one cute spectacle guy hehe
Nama pengantin pun x ingat aigooooooo....

The Newlywed :)
Congrats! :)

Haziq, Cik Ita & Cik Idin
The wedding theme is purple

Auntie Aida & Cik Ita

Siblings :)
My mom, Cik Idin & Cik Adi

Unknown & My Atok
membincangkan hal globalisasi? 

The Navy Family v The Royal Blood
Kinah, Ibah, Ucu & Me

♥ Sisters Love! 
Ammar, Kinah, Me & Ibah
This is what you get when you haven't had 
time to put on your concealer and loose powder.

Ammar Zaki

Enan Idong Penyet!

senyim simpul hehe

Hakim & Arif
senyum simpul lagi hehe

Puteri & Aisyah

Fakihah & Puteri

Thanks for everything! 
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