Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Wine and Cheese Party 2011

Asmkm n Hello! :)
I just want to say thank you to the people that faithfully view my page even if I haven't updated for agesssss
I'm not a celebrity I know :p

Since this is my last year for NWNC 
(pray that I will be admitted to LLB),
I decided to have fun with my girlfriendssss! :)
The theme was Candy Land 

My outfit candy la sangat

The huge lollipop was my akseri (accessories) 
to make up for black and white outfit
of course, chic casual was within the scope of the theme
(what a poor excuse)

 My 1st time pakai contact lens kelabu
sila open link in a new tab utk witness
tipu jeee... haha

Sila baca komen kami regarding this pic di fb:
ish2..izati watpe tu..
  • Que Othman flirting~
    Saturday at 10:37pm ·  ·  2 people

  • Athirah Ab Razak haha..muahx2 sgt.. hee
    Saturday at 10:38pm ·  ·  1 person

  • Neeja Yaacub alalala comelnya isz
    Sunday at 6:38pm · 

  • Nur Izzati haha nasib baik Q, kalau mamat handsome... okay gak hahahaha :D
    Sunday at 7:05pm · 

  • Que Othman klau mamat hensem sure muncung tu da melekat kat pipi.
    Sunday at 7:44pm · 

  • Nur Izzati haha x boleh bla ~~ :p onew sorg je dibenarkan haha
    Sunday at 8:08pm · 

Candy Garden Mascot! 

Me and my batch :)
Left to right: Meeramas, Meera Azi, Me, Thiah, Mimie, Siti, Q
Sesat kat depan: Tiera
Just want to highlight that:
Me and my very cute friend Thiah (red stripe, next to me)
Baju lebih kurang sama, cuma colour bebeda
:) hehe

Left to Right: Dayah, Firdaus and Tiera 
Mereka adalah model Ho Mai Banana Split
(daus je, yg dua tu model x berbayar)

Yummy! :)
I'm eating banana split with extra cookie 
(kena paksa beli dgn classmate sbb diorg yg jual :p)
tapi sedap, so x kisah pown :)

best nya kalau sume ni candy betul! 
haha :D
tapi I nak chocolate!

Congrats to Mimi dapat dekan for last sem
Nie kene minta tunjuk ajar ku sifu nie 
*batuk batuk batuk*
mesti ada org tertentu suka gmbr nie atas sbb tertentu 
I'm just killing two birds with one stone :p

I was searching for NWNC for pics n I found...
OMG! This is so cute!
My friend Sarah Yasmin with her gingerbread lady outfit
looks like tinker bell kan :)

Clockwise from the top: Me, Mimie n Q

Left to Right: Mimie, Me, Dayah n Tiera
Geng Harimau vs Geng Arnab
Geng Arnab bajet innocent!
I know better! hehe :p

Thanks for reading!
Roger and Out! ;)

I have two test, Family law on thursday and International Law on friday. 
Wish me luck! :)

Bye Bye!
Till we meet again :)

Picture credit to Q :) Thanks darl! ;)
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