Thursday, October 30, 2014

Make Your Own Irtinerary

Assalamualaikum & Hello! :)

For those travel noobies out there, don't worry! Me and Diana accomplished it in a few hours and indubitably there’s bound to be loopholes. Just do it okay! ;)

So here's the sequence and tools for making your own itinerary:
(I've provided links as well, just click the underline title)


1. Airplane sites: Air asia, Garuda, Lion Air etc

We only used Air Asia and Lion Air. Since MAS doesn't cater flights to Lombok and  Garuda doesn't fit our budget. Lion air is Indonesia low cost air equivalent to Air Asia.

Informative guide on train travel in Indonesia.

Make reservation online and just exchange it at the train station counter 1 hour before the departure time. 
(Also available in android)


Make sure you download it to your phone since I always get confused with the value between IRP and RM. IRP 100,000 = RM 26, bila IRP 5,000 terus blank haha 

Moreover, untuk mengelakkan culture shock bila tiba-tiba jadi jutawan baru hahaha 

Most importantly, to avoid being ripped off by unethical taxi drivers or sellers.  
(Also available in android) 


I like how they provide ranking of hotel or BNB in a particular place like Jakarta, and you can filter it to your liking such as location, budget etc 

In addition, you can compare prices between,,, But I prefer booking through the hotel own website since it's usually cheaper without the service charge.

6. Airbnb

BNB: Bed and breakfast. 
Which means you stay at the host house and breakfast is also included. During my trip I stayed with 3 host, each at Gili Trawangan, Bandung and Yogyakarta.

Airbnb specifically caters to the BNB concept. They are trustworthy and its recommended that you read through the host's reviews to see the feedbacks.

(Also available in android) 


7. Google maps

Find out how far your hotel to airport, train station, museum etc. How many minutes by car or walking. You can estimate the time and taxi fare.

8. Travel blogs

Lonely Planet, Wikitravel etc
Research on the usual price, local culinary etc 

9. Instagram

Find out the must-have-photos of a place, culinary etc
@explorelombok #lombok #gilitrawangan #bandung etc

Last but not least, here is my 10 days Indonesia itinerary for your reference: 

Chambering Trip Itinerary

and here is the dropbox link, if you want to download word version ;) here

All the best in making your itinerary! :)

Thanks for reading! 

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