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Day 1: Lombok and Gili Trawangan

Assalamualaikum and Hello!
Learning from my mistake on my Graduation Trip, I'll just make short and easier post.
Yes, it's only a duo trip this time. Hash-tagged as #girlfriendgetaway in instagram :)

Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Kuala Lumpur to Lombok 
Excited faces in ERL haha 
Broke in RM since I've changed almost every cent to IDR 
and ERL freakingly cost me RM35 *nangis*
For your easy reference:

Air Asia Flight from KL to Lombok (include food): RM347 each
Airport tax Lombok: IDR45,000 each
Telkomsel Simpati 1.5gb: IDR50,000/RM14 each
Taxi from Lombok Airport to Bagsal Jetty: IDR 250,000/RM68
Public Boat from Bangsal Jetty to Gili Trawangan: IDR13,000/RM4 each
One Day Bike Rental: IDR50,000/RM14 each

  • 8.40am-11.45am
  • 3 hours flight
Asian Fried Rice and Satay
quite nice :)

Selfie lagi haha
Spectacular aerial view of Lombok

When we arrived at Lombok International Airport, taxi drivers and locals were already swarming at the arrival gate. We were bugged by a few taxi drivers, pushing us for their service. All we wanted was to buy our simcard at the airport. We were offered IDR 350,000 and after much time, act of disinterest and persuasion, they lowered it to IDR 250,000. You can even get it at IDR240,000.
We bought our Telkomsel Simpati at IDR50,000 which includes internet 1.5GB for 30 days. Just pay, let them register your number and tadaaaa you can use your internet! :)) Tips from Diana, if you want to make cheaper international calls just add code 01017 infront of the number.

This is our Lombok-Bangsal Jetty taxi driver
Pak Saheri 

It takes around 1 1/2 - 2 hours to Bangsal Jetty, depending on the speed. This is because instead of highway roads, we have to use one lane road like Bukit Putus at Negeri Sembilan but scarier because there's no penghadang jalan. Pak Saheri drove like crazy, my heart almost drop every 5 second. *true story* Silap hari boleh masuk gaung.
Pak Saheri asked whether we want to stop by to buy some natural local drinks, but since time was not on our side, we declined. Last but not least, suggested us to see monkeys haha errmm monkeys? monyet? Uitm Shah Alam berlambak haha tak heran la bro >.< We saw a Mat Salleh on his rented motorcycle attempting to feed the monkeys and taking pics. lol


When we arrived at the small Bangsal Jetty, Pak Saheri insisted us to take private speed boat. 
"Nanti mbak bisa nangis naik bot public..."                                                                            
"Ombak kuat, bahaya mbak..."                                                                                                    
"Bot public ngak selamat..."                                                                                                        
I rolled my eyes. Made eye contact at Diana, and I just silently laughed.

He quoted private speed boat at IDR350,000 gila ke! bukannya private boat 5 bintang punnn Which is around  RM75 helloooo.... Ingat kitaorang tak reti convert ke? We have xe currency in our androids :p and we had thoroughly study regarding our trip (kinda).

We head on to the Koperasi to buy our Public Boat Ticket to Gili Trawangan. It's the small white building, there's a small shop to the left if you want to quench your thirst and calm your heart after some crazy taxi trip. We went inside and bought our tickets at IRP13,000 = RM4 each hew hew jimat Public boat service starts from 8am-5pm. There's a boat for every hour but there's no exact time, as long as the boat is full around 30-40, they'll just proceed. I was eager to see what the locals bring to the public boat since that's the only way they bring goods from the land to the island ngehehe chicken? vegetables? (I read too much on Gili Trawangan on random people's blog). 

Here's the second part of our frustation:

You won't even know when and which boat you are boarding. All you have is your tiny public boat ticket. There's two gazebo there and just find the same people around who's also waiting for the public boat and just follow them.
O boat, where art thou?
 Muka stress tak tahu boat mana satu 

 Muka stress edisi kedua


After 5 hours, here we are!

So pissed off! T___T
I wore my only jeans half a day and now it's wet!

Gili Trawangan is the farthest island out of the 3 Gilis': Air, Meno and Trawangan. The boat ride was around 30-45 minutes. Basically, from Lombok airport to Gili Trawangan it takes around 3 hours. Here, there are no motorcycle and motorcar, only bicycle and cidomo. It doesn't really matter since everything's walking and cycling distance

We arrived around 3pm, walking with our heavy backpack (since I refused to take cidomo, but please do!), check in at Jati Village and straight away rent our bikes for a whole day from 5pm today till 5pm tomorrow. 

At Gili Trawangan, facing the jetty, the sunset view is on your left while sunrise view is on the rightOur aim were to take pictures at the Gili Trawangan swing during sunset.

We cycle off to our sunset view. Using Pearl Beach Lounge as our guidance that we're heading to the right direction. haha It's been awhile since I cycle (and exercise) so I was reaalllyyy excited! :D 

My date for the next 10 days 
Catching the Sunset
Gili Trawangan Cycling Date

We were so tired cycling that we decided to have some refreshments at
The Exile Gili Trawangan.

Ice Lemon Tea + Sunset = 

After much needed refreshments for a couch potato like me, 
we continued our cycling and found it! Buaian! Ayunan! hew hew

Pokok nenas? Pineapple tree?
Tiba-tiba plak ada v-line haha

While waiting for our queue (3 couples)
Wefie! :))
Penat lelah berbasikal berbaloi just for this shot haha


After spending some time admiring God's creation, we headed back to our hostel and had an unfortunate incident of being lost. Unfortunately, it gets dark really early here. Even the subuh is around 4.20 am (2 hours difference than what I'm used to).

I had to freaking cycle with my left hand holding my handphone for Waze, my right for steering and there were so many bumpy road that I feel like giving up on this world haha It was so dark (no lamp post), no freaking signboard and my handphone was on the verge of being thrown off. At one point, Diana wanted us to return the bicycles malam tu jugak haha >.< Not to mention waze was giving us tahi. So I suggest uoolsss find places near (infront) the beach.

After we freshened up and perform our prayer, we strolled off to witness the Gili Trawangan Night Market and hunt for our dinner. Lapar tahap dinasour! haha 

Gili's Night Market

Nope, we did not have our dinner at Gili's Night Market haha Even though we call ourselves backpackers and experiencing the local scenes, but in regards of food we are pretty paticular. In the end, because our feet couldnt take walking anymore we opt our dinner at Black Penny. Ascertain whether it was halal (majority in Lombok are muslim). I had my fish n chips which were awesome! :)) and my new profound love here, iced lemon tea! happy tummy, happy me! 

Thanks for reading!

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