Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Assalamualaikum & Hello!

First of all, I want to thanks to people who have been reading my blog :) I love you guys so much xoxo I have started working this March and Insyallah more food post for you guys! ;) ~woohooo (leaps dapat gaji ehhhh haha) 

My cousin asked me the other day where is Siem Reap. The answer is Cambodia! :) hehe Other than Angkor Wat I can't really remember anything else except the market that we went have awesome recycle products such as purse, clutch, bags etc made of guni, aluminium etc

Pretty much they use USD compared to Cambodian Riel which is expensive and I can't even understand the language they are using but quite a number can understand and speak understandable english.

Not forgetting, it's dusty here so when you're riding the tuk-tuk  so make sure that you have your shades on for your eyes comfort and safety. 

Yes from Indonesia, let's go to Cambodia! ~woohhooo


I miss you guys!!
I miss this!!
*pass me tissue*

Ticket price: USD20
For the entrance ticket, they require your picture so here it is.

Pau cream cheese betul!  
Kalau ni gambar ic Malaysia,
dah lama tukar kerakyatan dah haha

We took the sunrise tour which starts at 5am. We had earlier arranged for tuk-tuk to bring us here from the hostel. Make sure you do so since this place is so huge!

Ballon pants team :)

Please don't forget to bring and wear your sunblock! and umbrella (kalau rajin) You can get 2 tone darker, it's so hot and terik!

It's a long walk so make sure you buy any drinks beforehand. Isotonic drinks or ice lemon tea! yummssiiiee!!!

Ramainya manusia! I wanted a clear shot ala-ala National Geographic. Tapi last-last picture ni dekat blog sendiri pun tak publish. haha huhu (gelak sambil menangis) 11GB okay menangis iolllss Tapi sebenarnya gambar sunrise tak cantik sangat sebab details bagunan tu tak nampak.

Diana and Una

Amboi sukanya si Remy ni haha

Ya Allah ni perempuan dari mana nie haha
No wonder Cambodians have darker skin

Rupanya ada weirdo lagi dari 
weirdo lost in her own fiction
Ni namanya buang tebiat haha

Thanks for reading!
I can't wait for my next destination!
*kira duit*

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