Monday, April 20, 2015

Young Adult Life Struggles


I struggled to wake up today. 

I mean after I slept back after my Subuh prayers. 

So many things had happened lately (bad of course) which had sap my positivity. 
Or maybe it's the time of the month where I'm pretty much emotional.

Now I'm sipping my coffee keeping check on my sanity

So tired of life. Life challenges that is. Money. Shitty people. Car. Inadequacy. Practice. Being the bottom of the work line. Mondays. I want to go on a holiday mood. I need a break mood. Shitty people.

Right now, I just focus on countdown weekends and public holidays.
Actually I like my work and times flies fast during office hours, it's just that I hate Monday.

Actually, the last straw that broke the camel's back was my accident last Friday.

After I finished my matter in Sepang Session Court, I went to the Kampung Tunku Post Office to buy AR Register Post Card for office use, and then lunch with my old colleague, Kak Linda at Food Court 223.

After parking my car in the yellow parking box, I went to the right passenger seat to get my handbag. Suddenly there was a loud BAM! and the car was moving to the front. Apparently, the right passanger door was ram by an Inokom lorry who parked behind us. I was between the door. Luckily my hand wasn't at the door!

Kak Linda blocked the lorry which seems like they want to run away. He just gave his name and phone number and just to call him. I'm mad that he couldn't even be bothered to get down the lorry! What more apologise!

As a result, the door that was hit couldn't be closed. So, we called for my previous firm's despatch, Jeeva to come help us damsel in distress. We even tried tying the door with random shoelaces I found in the bonet.

After Jeeva had fixed my door, we straight away went to make a police report asap at Accident Department IPD Petaling Jaya (my intership place). My case was assigned to Sarjan H (really nice and efficient :) ) and I told him my side of story and gave the lorry's driver number. Saying he will contact me if there's any progress.


Later that night, I went with my mom and Ibah to send our baju raya kain to the seamstress in Kuala Lumpur. While I was busy describing how I want my baju kurung kedah for Dayah's bridesmaid outfit, I received a call from an unknown number. Usually I don't pick up unregistered call but I have this hunch that it could be Sarjan H. 

It was him. He told me that the lorry driver had come and want to settle the matter.

I went to Sarjan H cubicle and he told me that the lorry driver want to settle without involving claiming of insurance. This is because it will affect his bonus or whatsoever. We waited for the lorry driver to come from his drink while waiting for me.

When he came in, my brain was like yeah it's him. He said to me he never thought I would make a police report. Helloooooo if you had come down and try to settle with me things wouldn't have come to this. 

me: so mcm mana Encik? 
LD: separuh separuh
me: *shocked and kesabaran menipis* 
        Encik kalau separuh separuh baik saya claim insurance. Tak payah keluar duit. 


separuh separuh

disebabkan kesabaran yang semakin menipis I said to the Sarjan that I had to include my mom in the discussion since she's paying for the car. I still called him Encik since he's older than me but seriously please act like an adult! Respect is earned not given!


We settled. He pays for the cost of the repair and gave RM100. But I still didn't withdraw my report since hey who knows if he'll pay or not.

In a nutshell,
I was so tired dealing with tahi kerbau.
Do you know how hard is it for me to pick every positivity in order to boost my confidence in my line of work and strength to face life.  


9.49 am and still court tak start lagi. I am so hungry! Tengah fikir nak makan apa kat shah alam lepas nie haha

But hey on a bright note, it's Friday Fri-Freaking-Day!

Thanks for reading!

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