Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two days ago I lost my matrix card at the library :'/ I was going to borrow a few books from the library which is why I brought my matrix card and it was nowhere to be found. Went like a mad cow searching for it. Asked the library counter for the lost card... A day later went to my faculty's office to ask the procedure needs to be done in order to get myself a new one. Rang the bell, and the officer told me what need to be done. It was such a long and complicated, i was forced to write it down -_____________-" Not to mention I have to pay RM35 for a new matrix card!! (Mahal!!) Again, went to the library to hunt for my matrix card. Forgot to mention that I inserted 3 Of my Kesatria coupon with my matrix card :'( Each coupon is worth 5 mark each!! I was like OMG!! I'm so DEADDDD! I was a bit tensed so I didn't bother to search for it and I took my contract book from outside the library and studied a chapter. Then then, I receives a text from my roomate, "Izaty, blik, kad matrix dah ad org jmp," Damn! I was happy of course :P So, I replied "Yeah! :'D aku tgh study kt library jap, nnt aku blk." The moral of the story is I've never love my matrix card sooo much!

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