Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodbye Miss Spender! :)

Here is how I save money:
  1. Only spend extra money. Right now it’s only RM150 (excluding money inside my wallet). For example, RM 100 is for my Crocs Lily LJ Plaid and keep the extra RM50 in savings ATM card.
  2. For every money you receive, spend half and save half. Very easy eh but very hard to do. I intend to use half of my duit raya for shopping and insert the other half in my saving account :)) and even my upcoming ptptn loan.
  3. Have 2 different types of ATM card. One for savings and other for spending B)

    My maybank is for savings and my Bank Islam is for spending. The purpose is to keep track of your money spending. Only shop using your spending ATM card and buy the necessity using your savings card such as law textbook.

  4. Buy only what you NEED. Differentiate needs and wants. My ultimate need now is

Black Pants! :D

My last black pants was when I’m in Form 4 -_____________________-“

5. I’ll change my bank account from Maybank to ASB. My mom says the dividen is much

higher :))

6. Check out how to make S.M.A.R.T. goal for your financial needs. Click here

How about spending money? hehe That is woman's second nature after all :)

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